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Related post: ening of the artery at the point of ligation tenfold hy the for-
mation of au immense ligature of fibrous tissue. Standing upon
the present delectable heights, said the speaker, how vain
seemed the struggle of the fathers in this branch of surgery!
Operations which they hud perfoiiiied only after days and
nights of wearisome study and Avalide Price anxiety might Avalide Coupon now be turned
over l the ho>pital student for bis technical improvement.
The Therapeutics of Exophthalmic Goitre.— Dr. E. D.
Fkbouson, of Rensselaer County, rc.iil a paper with this title.
Exophthalmic goitre, he said, was not a common disease, and
yet it WHS not so rare as to render it a curiosity. Though the
disease was one with sufficiently well defined characteristics to
allow of its ready Order Avalide recognition, still errors of dia^'nosis might
and doubtless did occur. The fact was that enlargement of the
thyreoid body was not peculiar to the disease, and that a frequent
pulse was attendant on a multitude of morbid conditions, and
[N. y. Med. Joue.,
occasional prominence of the eyes Avalide Online might be added from causes
not the same as the condition determining the development of
exophthalmic goitre. The conclusion that the condition was
not at any rate a pathological unit had been strengthened, in
the judginent of the writer, by the results of the use of digi-
talis, for in every instance in which he had felt confident of the
diagnosis that drug had not only failed to afford relief, but was
apparently productive of injury. The writer then gave in de-
tail the histories of several cases of exophthalmic goitre treated
with strophanthus. The administration of this had afforded
prompt relief, the patients Buy Avalide being able to return to their ordinary
occupation. In no instance had either the exophthalmia or
the goitre been entirely removed, and so far as the latter was
concerned, the author would not expect its removal, for when Purchase Avalide Online
the enlargement had existed for some time it became of so
dense or fibrous a consistence as to preclude the idea of its com-
plete removal. There was, Purchase Avalide however, a notable degree of im-
provement both in the exophthalmia and in the thyreoid body,
but it was impossible to express in mathematical terms the
changes .in these features of the disease so well as could be
done in the rate of the pulse. Not only were the rate and
rhythm of the contractions favorably influenced, but in these
cases tliere undoubtedly existed a dilatation of the left ventricle Avalide Generic Name
which improved so as to leave no physical or symptomatic evi-
dence Avalide Mg of cardiao lesion. Recent pathological considerations
tended to place exophthalmic goitre in the category of the
neuroses, and the locus of its origin in the floor of the fourth
ventricle. Still, the evidence was not Avalide Coupons such as to give any clew
concerning its aetiology or treatment, aside from clinical ob-
servations, and consequently there was no explanation to offer
as to the method by which strophanthus afforded relief, aside
from the idea that first suggested its use, and Avalide Recall that was to re-
lieve an apparently Avalide Tablets overtaxed heart through the lessening of
the resistance in the systemic circulation which was alleged to
be its action. Aside from any theoretical consideration as to
the way in which the agent acted, the fact Avalide 150 remained that bene-
fit was apparently the direct result Avalide Generic of the use of strophanthus —
a benefit so notable as to almost justify the announcement of a
cure in some of the cases. The only preparation used by the
writer was the tincture, given by tlie mouth, three times daily
at each meal, the initial dose being from eight to ten drops,
which was increased, if necessary to reduce the frequency of
the pulse, to fifteen or twenty, or even twenty five drops. Order Avalide Online
Whether its apparent utijity would bear the test of time and
larger experience was still problematical. At present it seemed
to be Buy Avalide Online our most valuable therapeutic resource in Cheap Avalide exophthalmic
Dr. Crontn was glad that the speaker had given digitalis
its proper place in the treatment of the disease.
Dr. A. L. Carroll, of New York County, said that he had Generic For Avalide
been impressed with the difference Generic Avalide which existed Avalide 300 in the prepa-
rations of the drug strophanthus now in the market. He
thought he had been the first to employ it liero after the pub-
lication of the first paper on the subject. His case was one of
dilatation following valvular lesion. Its action had been prac-
tically nil. He had then directed that another preparation
should be procured. This had produced marked physiological
action after a few doses.
Obstetrics, — This subject was made the basis of special and
general discussion, the following questions being propounded :
(1) IIow may the present prophylactic measures in obstet-
rics be more extended and applied?
(2) Is the present technique in the management of labor
and convalescence in accordance with sound physiology?
(3) To what extent have the surgical means of treatment of
labor complications been successful, or should these complica-

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