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Related post: child, which she strangled. Her neighbors in
against her and she was arrested. At Otc Prevacid first she
that she had been confined; then she admitted th
finement, but continued to deny the infanticide, which
the report of the medical examiner demonstrated with
certainty. Shortly after her incarceration she had de-
lirious attacks. M. Callerre, who was charged with the
examination, concluded that she was not insane and had
not been at the time of her crime: that she was. how-
ever, affected with grave hysteria, and that the i
had caused in her a real impairment of mental balance
which should be taken into account in seeking to ascer-
tain her moral responsibility. After having considered
this report, the public minister abandoned the pi
tion. thinking no doubi thai before a jury it could end
only in acquittal pure and simple.
The New York Hospital Training School for Nurses.
— A reception was held in the administration building.
\\>. 8 Wo-t Sixteenth Street, en Wednesday evening.
Online Prevacid Rogers, and Miss Prevacid Coupons Florence II.
Original Communications.
By W. II. THOMSON, M. D., LL. D.,
{Second Article.)
The various hypotheses about the pathology of
Graves's disease which would ascribe it to some affec-
tion of the sympathetic, or of the bulbar centres, etc.,
have Prevacid 24 been gradually abandoned of late from lack of
characteristic anatomical changes being discoverable
anywhere in the nervous system which could be demon-
strated as holding a constant relationship to the disease.
Eecently, however, the striking clinical contrasts be-
tween the lately demonstrated affection myxcedema and
Graves's disease naturally have given origin to a new
theory of the Generic Prevacid latter as the exact opposite of the former.
For, whereas myxcedema is caused by atrophy of the Prevacid Buy
thyreoid gland with cessation of its secretion, Graves's
disease is supposed to be due to hypertrophy of the thy-
reoid gland and excess of its secretion. One of the most
recent advocates of this Is Prevacid Otc theory, Dr. Prevacid Solutabs M. Allen Starr
(Medical Neivs, April 18, 189G), points out first that the
clinical features of the two diseases are so opposed to
each other, symptom for symptom, and the condition of
essential Prevacid Generic cellular atrophy in one is Prevacid Otc so matched by cellular
hypertrophy in the other, that we may properly con- Coupons For Prevacid
clude that an excess of thyreoid juice poured into the Prevacid Coupon
blood by the enlarged gland is the primary cause of the
complaint. In answer to the objection that the severity
of the symptoms in many cases of Graves's disease does
not bear Coupon For Prevacid any appreciable relation to the condition of the
gland as regards hypertrophy, Dr. Starr answers that a
gland may be secreting excessively without appearing
at the time to be enlarged, and he instances the parotids
during salivation as an illustration.
I have little objection to this theory, except that
it is advanced as an ultimate fact in which we may rest
as we do when we come to ultimate facts. One effect
of such satisfaction with the theory is to act thereupon,
and propose to excise the misbehaving gland. But this
is too much like telling a patient with salivation that
he has too active parotids, and that it may be needful to
cut them out on account of their overactivity, instead of
asking first why a secreting gland should pour out an
undue quantity of secretion. We shall be answered, of
course, that such poisons in the blood What Is Prevacid as mercury or
jaborandi are too well known causes of salivation to
justify any one in leaving out a sialagogue in the circula-
tion as the probable cause of this particular hypersecre-
tion. But why should the thyreoid gland Prevacid Mg be considered
capable of simply exciting itself to a fatal activity?
What parallel instance is there anywhere in the glandu-
lar system of primary and spontaneous overaction? To
this it may be replied that glands which Prevacid 24hr discharge their
secretions through ducts like the parotids are not the
proper counterparts of the thyreoid, which belongs
rather to the ductless glands, like the spleen and Generic For Prevacid the
adrenals. The spleen easily enlarges like the thyreoid,
and the effects of its disorders are often very marked.

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