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Related post: Talcum powder is then dusted thickly over the
parts. Forty-eight hours later, the following oint-
ment is used, followed by dusting with talcum pow-
der :
5 Pyrogallolis, 3 grammes ;
Adipis lana? hydrosi, 30 grammes.
M. Fiat unguentum.
After another two days' Purchase Medrol pause a 25 per cent,
ointment of chrysarobin in hydrated wool fat is
similarly applied. It may be necessary, by reason
of the local irritation induced, not to use this oint-
ment over all the affected parts at one time, but to
cover them gradually.
In addition to the local treatment, Buy Medrol Online two kinds of
pills are prescribed, to be continued for some time :
$ Phenolis, 10 grammes ;
Extracti et pulveris glycyrrhizae, q. s.
Fiant pilulae No. 100.
Sig. : Three to ten pills daily after meals.
1J Arseni trioxidi, 0.5 Order Medrol gramme ;
Pulveris piperis 6.0 grammes ;
Acaciae, }
Altheae j- aa q. s
Aquae destillatae, )
Fiant pilulae No. 100.
Sig. : Three to ten pills daily after meals.
To these measures should be added plenty of
fresh air and rest. The diet should be bland ; the
use of meat Order Medrol Online and Buy Cheap Medrol alcohol should be interdicted, at
least for a time.
Pituitary Extract in Obstetrics. — Liepmann,
in Therapeutische Monatshefte for August, 191 2,
states that where the uterine contractions become
weak toward the termination of labor, pituitary ex-
tract has given excellent results in his hands. Thus
in a case of twin Medrol Price pregnancy in which the pains had
begun forty-eight hours before and finally com-
pletely subsided for a period of two hours, an in-
jection of the extract caused them to reappear
strongly within five minutes. Where the drug was
employed in the first stage of labor, however, the
results were much less constant.
In cases with malposition of the fetus, the pow-
erful contractions induced by the extract tend to
correct deviations of its longitudinal axis from the
normal, thus facilitating labor and obviating the
use of forceps under unfavorable circumstances.
While the drug proved useless in induced abortion,
the results Purchase Medrol Online in hemorrhage following parturition
were very gratifying. In two cases of Cesarean
section, a preliminary injection of pituitary extract
resulted in reduction of the bleeding at operation
to an insignificant amount.
Treatment of Typhoid Fever. — Hirtz, in
Quinzaine therapcutique for August 10, 1912, states
that in a not inconsiderable number of typhoid
cases it is inadvisable to try to secure a lowering
of the temperature by strenuous administration of
cold Generic Medrol baths or packs. Often the purposes of the
Brand method are best attained where strict adher-
ence to its formal regulations is not attempted.
Thus, in typhoid fever, especially early in its course,
insomnia is frequently present. Although a cer-
tain proportion of patients can secure enough sleep
in the twenty- four hours both by day and night,
notwithstanding the interruptions for bathing,
other patients can Medrol Tablets sleep only at night, some in the
earlier night hours, the remainder principally to
ward morning, and in these regular bathing at
night is likely to do harm. While giving Medrol Online the baths
in the daytime, Hirtz therefore omits all night
baths when the patient is asleep. Effects on the
temperature are thus obtained which the classic-
procedure fails to procure. Often in the day 01
two following a night in which one or two baths
have been omitted, Buy Medrol the temperature curve is found
to descent of a degree or more, which shows that
a definite, though sometimes but temporary, fa-
vorable influence has been exerted on the febrile
process itself. Hirtz also modifies the Brand treat-
ment by varying the temperature of the baths given
according to the Cheap Medrol age and previous physical condi-
tion of the patient, as well as the apparent severity
of the typhoid infection.
Treatment of Asthma. — Maragliano, in Union
medicate dxi Nord-est for October 30, 1912, is
credited with the following combination for use in
bronchial asthma :
^ Bromoformi, 3ss (2 grammes ) ;
Alcoholis, 5iiss (10 grammes) ;
Aquae amygdalae amarae 3v (20 gramme^) :
Extracti opii, gr. l / 2 (0.03 gramme) ;
Syrupi ipecacuanhae, 3viiss (30 grammes) :
Aquae, Sv (150 gramme- 1
Fiat mistura secundum artem.
Sig.: One tablespoonful as required.
Treatment of Leuchemia. — Kiralyfi, in Lyon
medical for September 8, 1912, is credited with
statements emphasizing the value of benzol in the
treatment of Medrol Mg leuchemia. In collaboration with
Koranyi he employed this agent, which, as is well
known, is toxic to leucocytes, in a number of cases
of the disease. In nearly all instances favorable
results were obtained, the number of white cor-
puscles being reduced to normal in three weeks.
The erythrocytic count remained practically un-
changed. The benzol was given, mixed with an
equal quantity of oil, Medrol Cost in capsules. Some degree of
digestive disturbance was produced, but no other
untoward effects appeared.
3 oz
[New York
Medical Journal.

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