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Subject: MY MEXICAN BORDER FAMILYThe following story is based upon fantasies which I have thought about and
have now put on paper to write about.The names are made up and so are all of the cities. This is a completely
fictional.Feed back would be nice to see how you like the stories.
=====================================================================It is a June morning, and it is about 6AM, which is about the time I get up
each morning, well I will introduce my self, I am Russ boy preteen loli Graves, I am 25
years old, have free hard loli galleries light blonde hair, a husky Body, with a lot of hair, 5 feet
10 in tall and weight 190 preteens naked loli nymphet
pounds. I live with a friend in Phoenix, AZ. I
work turk loli porno for a large bbs lolicon company that makes soap dark loli pics and cleaning products. I take
care of The border towns, between Mexico and the united states as we have
several little Mexican companies that manufacture for tgp lolipop
us.I loli guesbook try and make a trip about every porn loli vids two weeks to check on the process free lolicon hentai of what
is going on.It is a Thursday, and I need to go to a little town, just south of Nogales,
Mexico. I pre teen asian lolitta can tell You that I spend a lot of time in the border towns, and
have seen many people that I would Like to have a good time with. Well more
about that later.As I was pulling onto road 293, which a very old road and upkeep, I see a
little boy walking Down the road I can tell you it is very hot, so I
stopped to ask him if he would like a ride into town, and as I can speak
Spanish, lolicon vids he answered me, SI, for yes. The little town that I was going to
was called San Jose decamp, this co here manufactures tooth brushes for our
company back in Phoenix.Well I asked the fresh loli pics young man his name, and he told me he was Marco, and that
he was 10 years old, and that he was going into town to get some medication
for his mother, who was sick at home. We talked for a while, and I found
out that he was one of 10 children, and the youngest Was 9 months and the
oldest was 16 years old. I the site porn loli
family there were 8 boys and 2 girls, plus
Mother and father. He also told me that they lived on a little farm just
out side of the little village.We entered the village and he porno lolits 18 told me where he needed to get topless loli off, so I
stopped the SUV, and he Got out and thanked me for the ride. I continued to
the factory, and was looking over things.I had finished my business, and was going down loli angel virgin
town to eat, before I japan loli bbs headed
back to Phoenix.I stopped a Mexican restaurant, and ate, and as I was finished I saw Marco,
leaving a grocery store, and he looked like he had some very heavy bags. I
got into my truck, and started up the Road, and guess what and who I meet
again, it was Marco, so again I asked him if he needed kiddie loli A ride, and he was
very pleased that I stopped, as the bags were very heavy. He told me that
He had gotten the medication for his mother, and the food as well. I can
tell you looking at Marco, he was a very bright boy, and his complexion was
that of the golden sand. He was a very Handsome, looking boy. He free tgp galleries loli told teen lolipop nude sex
me to
turn down this little dirt road, and at loli brutal the end of the road would be his
house, and just as we turned the little bend, there was this little, house,
and barn That looked like lolite porn free
if a strong wind would come up, the building
would fall to the ground. I could Also see, several cows, pigs, goats, and
chickens. I could see right now kids litle lolits porn that this place could use child loli model
a helping
hand. Well as we rolled lolicon pedo in I could see children coming for all directions,
and also the father, was leaving the house as well to see who was coming to
there sexy angels loli home.Marco waved to them, and they all gathered around the SUV, and were talking
a mile a min In Spanish. I got out and saw the most beautiful boy's that I
have ever seen. I could see that This would be a gay mans play ground, I
was thinking in my head. I got out and walked over To the older man, and he
said his name was Roberto, and he was the father to Marco. I told him That
I had given him a ride into town in the morning, as pretty lolits boy it was very hot
out. The father thanked Me so very much. I guess Roberto was about 36 to 40
years old and very handsome, very cold 12yr girl loli
back hair, about 5 ft 7 in tall, and
I could see he had a pt loli blog
basket that was very large.Well if he is any example of the family, I could enjoy this very much.Roberto, wanted me to know all of the loli pre incest kids, so he started with Jorge age 7,
Jose age 8, Louis age lolite preteen 9, Jason, age 13, Palo, age 14, Leo, age 15, and
Raul, age 16. I can see where the boy's get there Good looks was from there
father. Roberto invited me into the house to have a drink. I was looking at
the older boys as we were going into the house, and I was wondering what
was under All of those shorts. I went into the house, and could see it
really must be a hardship to have so many children and such a small house
to cp loli preteen lolicon board jpg
live tgp russian lolitta in, eat in, as I was looking out the window I could See ru loli pussy that there
was an out house, and a large walled unit bbs forum loli
with a large tank above it, which
I guess Was the free anime loli pics
shower. Roberto went and got Maria and what a nice looking
lady I guess in her early 30's, and she was holding the youngest one of the
children which was nude girl child loli a 9 month old little girl.Maria thanked me for giving Marco a ride home, and asked if I usa lolitta were hungry,
and to be polite, I said yes, and she pedo loli 12y got a couple of the boy's to help her
make some dinner. Roberto and I sat and Talked for a while, and he wanted
to know if I wanted to see his little farm, and I said sure, so we went out
side, and I could see Raul, Leo and Palo, following us, as we walked out to
where the Farm animals were, and I could now see that he had also two
mules, and also there was sitting there some very old farm loli sex japanese girls equipment, loli bbs pre tgp this
is pulled by the mules.We talked for a while, and then an idea hit me, we have at the company, a
group of people that Like to help out people south of the border, and also
my company has made a lot of grants To people like this, in my mind I am
thinking that this would be a great family to help. Well model loli portal gallery Roberto was
talking on and on and I had my mind in other places.I was getting late, and I should be on my way back to Phoenix. I will say I
always carry an Over night bag with me just in case I ever need it.We interred the little three room house, and the food was smelling so good,
I could see That we were having strip loli upskirt
beef and flower tortes, and some
other forum pedo loli things.I said if they would like I would go into the village, cp loli kids and get some more
food and drink, lolite fuking And lolit free bbs they said, no, but I insisted and so I took Raul, Leo,
and Palo with me, you would think This was the first time that they had
ridden in a truck, and maybe that petites loli was true.I went to the local grocery store, and got a whole lot of food, and beer,
for the men, and soda For the kids. I noticed that Raul was watching me, as
I was walking around best loli cp portal the store, to describe Him was he was like an angel,
very dark chat loli black hair, a little mustache naked loli teen
and a very strong body.You could also tell he was very strong and solid. I could tell by looking
that he had a basket that Would make anyone look twice as well. He was
wearing cut off pants and a cut off T shirt, so as you could see his waist
line, and you could tell that he had back hair running from his russian loli nude porn belie
button down to the pubic hair line. I could also tell that Leo was just as
equipped as his brother, I can see in my mind the fun that we could have. I
could see that Palo was just a little different, He had taken after his
mother, and he was very dark skinned, almost to an olive color, with thick
back hair. I could also tell that he was going to have czech little loli a lot of hair on his
body. Well it was time To check out and return to the farm.When we arrived back it was quite late, and I could see that it would be
taking me about two to Three hours to get home, so I would have to eat and
leave. But in the back of my mind, I knew That I would be returning to see
them again. We sat down to eat and it was all very good, and I could see
that the older boy's were looking at me and I am sure that they were
looking at my lolit sexy pussy russian Hair, as it is very blond.It was getting late, as we were sitting there talking and I told them that
I had to leave, and they all keep asking me to stay over the night and go
back in the morning, as it was very dangerous out Traveling on lolicon wallpaper this route
293 at night. I seems that a lot of people have gotten robbed, free loli site
and that
there cars and trucks have been taken from them. I thought I had better
call home to the office and leave a message that I would be coming in the
next day. Since I do not have a room loli virgins jp mate at this time I will just have a
friend go over and check on the dog and make sure the house is locked and
ok. I went out side and dialed the number pics bbs forum loli that I was needing, as I was out
side, I could see it was going loli passwords
to be a good evening to take a shower and
relax as it was still warm. I got through and My friend Steve answered, and
said he would take of the things for me, and that he would lolicon cum see me Tomorrow.I went back into the house and they were all very happy that I lolit pink was going to
stay the night with Them. They asked me if I wanted to dirty little lolitta take a shower, and I
said xxx loli erotica that I would like that, as then I can Get into some of my shorts, that
I had a long with me. I went to the SUV, and got angels lolilta russian my bag, and went back into
the house.I went lolitta models topless
to the boy's bed room and started to change, and Raul, and Leo came
in and they were talking with me, and asking if it were ok if they could
take a shower with me as well, as that is The way they do things around
there and I said that it would be ok with me. I stripped down to my boxers,
and wrapped a towel around me and got my slippers on and out the door I
went heading for the shower booth. I could see that there were about three
shower heads and that the Tank for loli preeteen toplist the shower was above. I went in and got
my soap and stuff out and then went into the Shower, where you had to pull
a chain, to get the water to flow. I free xxx loli pulled it and here comes the water,
and it was a bit cool, and little lolis bbs tgp latin hot young lolit
I just stood there shacking and then I soaped my
self down. Well In came Raul, and Leo, and they took off there clothing,
and were just standing there in the nude.I was the most beautiful sight that I have ever seen, to ilegal lolit sex young virgin
boy's, olive skinned, It was like you were in heaven. Raul had a very large
dick, soft about 5 ins, and Leo had about 4 ins, and they both had a lot of
pure black lolicon blowjob pubic hair around then. I noticed that as I was washing my self
that Raul was watching me, and looking at my dick as well. I could see that
His dick manga anime erotic lolicon was getting a little nn pre teen loli
larger, and he was getting a hard on.
Something told me that he And Leo had a lot of fun here in the shower. I
asked Raul if he could wash my back for me and he came right over and got
the soap and started to wash my back, I great lolite bbs could feel every so often that his
hard, by now dick was hitting my butt. I was then starting to get a hard as
well. I could feel him rubbing and washing my butt and I could feel he was
sticking the soap in my butt crack.I turned around to find the Leo was washing Raul's back free lolicon thumbnails as well, before I
knew it Raul had his freexxx loli pic links hand on loli nude pictures my dick and was playing with it, and I was
enjoying so much, I could also feel that there were other hands that were
touching me as well. I then turned around again and to see Roberto standing
there looking at me, and I looked down and loli bbs forum he had a big hardon as well.
Well I could see that this was going to be a very fun loving family.I finished washing, and was ready to get out of the shower, when Roberto
came over to me and grabbed my dick and told me it was ok to enjoy all of
the boy's, and him as well. Well I could see That this lolicon tgp gallery has been going on
for some time.I got out and went back into the house, and changed into some shorts,
looking around I was wondering where I was going to sleep for the night,
and in came Roberto, and told me I would be sleeping in the big bed with
Raul and Leo, and that I would have a good time. I was not sure just how to
take that at this point.It was late, and I was tired, so I went to bed, and in came Raul and Leo,
and each one of them got into bed on each side loli underage cp of me. I was wondering was
going on and japanese loli sex
then I felt Raul's hand on my dick, and my dick started lolitta porn sex to get
hard real fast, I turned onto my rika lolicon
side, and Raul was slipping down My
shorts, and I could fell his other hand playing with my butt . I was up
next to Leo, and my hardon was hitting him in the butt, and I could feel
him taking off his shorts, and he was spreading his butt for me. I had just
enough pre cum to make it wet, and I found his whole, and started to go
into him, I could tell that this was not the first time the boy had, had a
dick up his ass. I want to tell you it really did feel lolicon free gratis hentai good, as I was
working on Leo, Raul was working on my Butt, and I could feel that he was
really precumming, and he had his dick head right at the opening, and now I
could feel him trying to get in. He made just a little shove and in he
went, and It really did feel good. We are all just fucking loli free gallery and having a
real good time when Palo, and Jason came in, and they wanted to play as
well, so one of them got up by my head so that I could put his dick in lolicon nudes
mouth, and the other one was close to Leo, and was playing with Leo. I can
see That the boy's nude loli kinder
are very clean about there loli guestbooks bodies, and that really did
make me feel good. I could tell that I was Cumming and I could here Raul
breathing harder lolite nude girls
and harder, and moving faster and Faster, and then loli preteen forum
one big thrust, he came in me, and that made me also to come in Leo, and we
were all just laying there enjoying the moments when all of a sudden Palo
came in my mouth, And Jason was Cumming on Leo's stomach, what a great way
to end the day. I just laid back and And started to think what we could do
to tiny young loli
help these people, and that I could spend lolit sex young
much more time with them.Well night turned to morning, and lolicon porb
I had to get up and get on the road
again, and as I was leaving I told them that I would be back very soon. I
had so many idea's in my mind to help them and also to enjoy them preteen nymphets loli as well.
This is part one of I lolit girl thumbs gallery hope many parts incest 3d lolicon to this story, I would like feed
back as to what you might like, and what sweet lolits pussy you would like to add to my
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