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Subject: My Little Friend Chapter 3My Little Friend
Chapter 3
By: Justin Case
4/4/00---------Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. It contains; a story of a
young boy japan lo bbs
who falls in love with an adult man. This story is written in a
graphic nature, describing the sexual kids pic board bbs activities of the two main characters.
If this is illegal where you are, you should leave the site. If you find it
offensive, I can only wonder why you are here.
While, I sandra bbs directory base the sexual content on experiences, I have drawn from my life, I
can assure you that any similarity between this story and actual events is
purely coincidental. I write this story to show you how love models bbs girls can, and does
happen. I do not intend to force my morals on you, and hope you don't force
yours on me. This story is for your enjoyment, and education.---------Words from the author: I have received some interesting mail and IM's on
this story. One reader wrote and asked young nude teen bbs
if he could help me rewrite. He
thought, bbs rusas
I may have lolta porn bbs trouble with the sex part of the story. He was
concerned, the first few chapters didn't have any. Hehe lächelnd One reader
wondered if it was safe to give out my e-mail address.
I asked bbs drawing nude
bbs guide cp him why, and he said I could be found out. I asked found out for
what? He thought I was Jarrod, and actually had a fourteen year mom fuck boy bbs
boyfriend. I can assure you neither is true. I want to examine where we are
in free hairy bbs society. Romeo and Juliet was a beautiful love story written by
Shakespeare, in that time bbs black russian young teenage love, was the norm. Hell my
Grandmother was only fifteen when she married my Grandfather, he was
twenty-one. It was sixty years ago, but legal. Their marriage bbssexpetite lasted some
fifty years before they died. One reader felt television was the reason
teens today bbs children nudist were so sexually active. I assured him my Grandparents didn't
have TV.Too many of us have fallen into the trap, the blame game. Truth be told, the
real problem we face, is the breakdown of the family nucleus. One reader
said, because parents were too busy working to keep up with the Jones. I
thought they were too busy paying their taxes. The first five months of the
year, young models bbs pic all our income is said to go to the federal, state, and local
government is some form of taxation. I think we need to get back to a
kinder, gentler place, and learn to love one another. We need to practice
acceptance. The government needs to govern, and the parents need to nurture
their children, and give them responsibilities. We need to raise our youth
to be productive members of society."Walk tall my little ones, for you are the chosen ones. Hold your heads
high, index tgp bbs with pride, for you will inherit free bbs the earth. Shame not for your
thoughts."--Justin Case---------Two years had passed since I saw him. I sat in my office wondering what my
little Nate had been doing. I looked at the letter I had just received.
Millie, had placed it on my desk. It had the Wibraham-Monson tranny bbs pics
Academy logo on
the envelope. I knew of only one person who went there. My little friend
Nathan Matthewson.I met him two years ago in Manhattan. He fell in love elwebbs bbs top
with me, and I with
him. His parents, George and Barbara, felt it models girls bbs was best, we give the love
time. We all talked and cried. In the end, Nate felt it was all right to
wait. ass fucked kds bbs He let us all know in his own words."I know I nymph bbs
am gay. I know I love Jarrod Turner. giffy girls bbs I know I will tiny tits jp bbs spend my life
with him, and he with me." Nate said to all of us two years ago, in the
Roosevelt Hotel. He was a brave little man.I remember thinking at the time, "he's only fourteen, he'll find someone
else". It broke my heart to set him free, for I loved him too. "I will be
there for bbs girls tgp you Nate, whenever you decide to come." I said to him, with tears
in my eyes.We all cried. Nate broke all our hearts that day.Over the woman child bbs board last two years I had received correspondence from the Matthewson's,
there were the Christmas Cards, the Easter Cards, the Birthday Cards, and the
annual letter. Nate had grown, and was doing well at school. The
Matthewson's had written to me, that since meeting me, he had put his
academics ahead of everything. I had a desk here at the office, filled with
pictures of my little friend, that had been sent. I had a whole wall in my
condo, dedicated to Nathan Matthewson.The bbs model past two years had been hell on me. I was promoted to Senior Vice
President of World Construction. I still worked directly under Jim Parsons.
Jim Had been promoted to President of International Accounts for World. We
were still lollita photo bbs best of friends. For my twenty-ninth birthday, Jim and Betty
Parsons gave me a brand new custom Lexis. It was a choice automobile.
White, with gold trim. It had white leather upholstery, portal gateway bbs and was finished off
with, a tan carpet and dash. The mahogany door panels and console, touched
the whole thing off. I had been transferred to the Boston Office. I petite bbs teenager had
thirty-two people reporting directly to me. I took Millie with me, I made
her my Assistant To the Senior Vice President. She was still the tops, and
kept me in line.I sat here looking at my letter. illegal bbs forum Nate was coming to see me Saturday. Wow,
he's ranchi bbs gallery
sixteen now. I have so much to do, and bbs younger only three days to prepare. I
pushed the intercom button on my desk phone. I called for Millie, boy pics bbs 12 she was a
mother of four boys, the oldest was twenty-one, and her youngest was sixteen.
She would bbs nude portal
have ideas for gifts."Millie, I young strawberries bbs am sorry. Could you come nudist bbs board in here for a minute?" I aol bbs porn said into my
phone."Be right there, Mr. Turner." She replied. Short, sweet and to the point,
that's my Millie.Millie was in my office, within a minute of placing the handset back into the
phone. I waved her into my office, and motioned for her to close the door.
She did both obediently, and took a nude virgins bbs
chair directly in front of my desk.My office was very comfortable. I had it done in my colors. Burgundy, pink,
gray, and touches of white. I had a corner office, and our free xxx bbs index
building was ten
stories, my office on the tenth floor, offered me a spectacular view of
Boston Harbor. tight pussy bbs My carpet was thick, and pt nn models bbs plush a silver gray. The chairs
were all burgundy leather. The draperies were shades of pink, with white
borders. The three walls were white, and the windows were behind me. Full
length windows, the drapes were always open. The wood work was all oak, and
stained medium brown, to match my desk and the bar. Millie had dressed the
place up with greenery.I teen young models bbs
looked at Millie across the desk and said. "Millie I am taking Friday off,
you will have to handle the Jensen meeting. I need you to get ready, pull
all the paperwork, and set some time aside to meet with me tomorrow morning.
I need you to clear my calendar from tomorrow afternoon until Monday morning.
I want you to call the home office to notify them I am taking some personal
time. I will have my cell cp kdz bbs phone with me at all times. I will also wear my
pager."Millie was looking at me and smiling. pedo bbs bbs pedo This woman knew me, as well as, my own
Mother. I had confided everything in both, teen bbs index her and my Mom. I looked back at
her and winked."Is he coming? Is Nate coming? Jarrod?" She graciously asked me."Yes, Millie he is. I am so excited. I have to buy him some gifts. I need
your help. Can we do lunch this afternoon? I look at her and smile. I
can't stop smiling. I am a love stuck teenybopper, ls nymphs bbs at twenty-nine.I handed the letter to Millie for her to peruse. The letter from my little
friend said: "My Dearest Jarrod,
It has been two long bbs teen model pass
years, since we met in New York. I have bbs child erotica
loved you
afar. I have held my head high and walked with pride. I knew the day
come, when once and for all, I could be yours, and you mine. I knew
the day
would come when we could express our asian bbs pics love to one another. My dear sweet
prince that day is upon us. I will arrive, to be in your arms. To
love and hold
you, Saturday, April___2000. I send you all my love, all my tender
love."Millie was tearing bbs watersports up, so was I. "Jarrod you lucky, lucky man. You have
found true love." She said quietly, as she reached across my desk to put her
hand over mine."Millie I can't contain myself. I am ecstatic. I can't concentrate. I need
you to help me like never before." I was saying to her, as I felt my stomach
knot, and my head bbs rori 2007 imgboard
swim. I was love struck. The object of my affections was
coming for me."Its an hour until lunch, Jarrod, let me bring elwebbsbiz bbs you all your messages, and
start to clear your calendar." forum pedo bbs Millie was saying to me as she got up and
left my office. Always short, sweet and to the point.We got into the Lexis, it was in the seventies, the skies are blue, and not a
cloud in them. I pulled the car from the World Construction parking garage,
and headed into the city of Boston. We went shopping, for my Nathan.I woke in my bed, to the door bell ringing this morning. It was Nate, my
beautiful Nate. I opened the door, and there he stood. My blonde little
friend. He had grown, and was only an inch shorter than me. He stood five
foot seven. His hair was longer, and he had highlighted it, with lighter
shades of gold. His eyes were still dark and set on that flat nose. bbs arina ls His
smile, bbs ls magic
still kids bbs pics with perfectly placed bright white teeth, was flashing. He
still had the dimples. He was bbs teens
smooth faced, and he was wearing a short
sleeve shirt, unbuttoned at the top. I could see his chest was still smooth,
and his arms as well. He was the perfect creation of God, still.I opened the door, grabbed his bag, and picked it up. my pics bbs He reached for me. He
looked into my eyes. I put his bag down nude angels art elwebbs
in the hall, bbs elwebb free
that lead from my
condo's front door to bbs japan young the living area. He put max 2 bbs both his arms around me, and
kicked the door shut with his foot. He pulled me to him, and kissed me. It
was a deep, sensual kiss. It lasted, his taste lingered in my mouth as he
pushed his tongue in. MMM, it felt so perfect. We withdrew from the kiss.Nate stepped back, he looked into my eyes again, and he said. "Jarrod, I
have waited for you, and only you. I am yours. I love you more than life
itself.""I love you fuck younger bbs Nate, you are my only love." I said teens in jeans bbs
back to him, this morning
when I greeted him at my door.We went to my bedroom. Nothing more was said.We were in my bed, we were russian tgp bbs both naked. I lie there looking at this young
beauty, japan bbs forum rika his body free of bbs nonnude forums hair, except his armpits, pubic area, and his
calves. He had dark brown hair in those areas only. archives bbs fresh pics His body was muscular,
and well defined. His chest was full, and his torso amateur forum bbs
was shaped in a "V". He
had broad shoulders, and a 28 inch waist. He had no hair on his chest, or
belly. Just the patch around his beautiful cock. His cock was five inches
long, and he had a nice full set of balls, hanging below in a large sac. His
balls were full of young juices. Juices he had saved for me. His arms were
also well defined, and muscular. He lola cp bbs had the natural beauty of a body builder.I lie there, and began to nibble ls magazine bbs gallery his body. From his ears, and face I ran my
mouth down his body. I wanted that cock. I wanted to have him in great girls bbs me. I
wanted to be one with him. I slipped my mouth on his circumcised dick. I
went all the way down on him. His patch was tickling my nostrils. I could
smell his boyhood. He has a sweet african sex teens bbs
smell 14 yo naked bbs to him. I ran my mouth up and down
his rock hard cock. He pumped his hips, and gave his dick adolescent girls nude bbs to me. He put his
little hands over my head, and groaned. He pushed my head down, and pulled
it back. I put my right hand under his teenage ass, sexy bbs model it fit in my right hand.
It was two perfect smooth globes of muscle and flesh. bbs ls models ukrainian His skin was so soft.Holding his ass in my hand and running bbs small girl forum my mouth up and down his hard rod,
were more than I could take. I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm
building in my balls. Nate sensed it. bbs young 18 yo He felt me tense my body. He pulled
his hips away from me, he pulled my head from his cock. He used his hands Top nude bbs
roll me to my back. He rolled up on me. He lie on me, face to face. I
could feel his young dick pedoworld bbs on mine. I was tingling, the head of sex bbs pic
my seven inch
cock was stretched to its maximum. I felt tgp rcp bbs like it was going to explode.Nate pulled his legs up, and sat up on my stomach. He leaned over me. He
began to pinch my nipples. I reached up and rubbed his. bbs lol porn imgboard
He leaned down
further, and kissed me deep. He moved his hips so the crack of his ass
grabbed my manhood. I could feel the swollen head of my cock, between his
smooth hairless ass cheeks. He moved up and down on my cock, while he
squeezed it between the cheeks. I was in heaven. The feelings, this young
boy was giving me, were beyond belief.He looked into my eyes. I knew what he wanted. He wanted to be one with me.
He wanted my dick inside him. He got up high enough, bbs sex free
to position his hole
over the head of my cock. He reached down to my dick with his right hand,
and placed the head of my dick ru angels nudist bbs at his hole. The precum asian cum bbs was slick, and heavy.
He used it for lubrication. He sat early pubescent bbs
on my dick. Slowly I entered his hot,
tight, young ass. I felt every fiber of my body. japanese bbs elweb
I felt his hot walls
slipping down my cock. japan sex bbs I felt his ass cheeks on my pelvic bone. His balls
rested on my bush. He reached out and squeezed both my nipples. tpg bbs I reached
around the back of him with my right hand and tickled his balls from behind.
I reached my left hand kids sex pics bbs up and massaged his chest. He rode me slowly, oh so
slowly. I could feel every movement of his ass muscles squeezing my cock.
He looked me deep in the eyes.I rocked my hips up and down. He began to move faster and harder. I moved
my right hand to his dick. I rubbed his precum up and down his shaft. I
felt his cock alfa kidz bbs swell in my hand. He was rock hard. child porn bbs tpg
His whole young body
began to shake erotic bbs pics and quiver. I could feel the juices in my balls. I could
feel the orgasm coming. His young sixteen year old dick began to twitch eweb bbs gatewys in
my hand. He was slamming my cock into his ass. top girl bbs
I was thrusting my hips to
his every move. Our eyes locked on each other. MMMMMM, MMMM MMMMM AGGHHH,
his young dick shot his hot come all over my chest and face. bbs young teen nn Shot after
shot. I felt my thick hot come as it blasted from the head of my cock, into
his hot tight virgin ass.Nate bbs boys board collapsed on me. We kissed, and hugged."I am your little friend forever." Nate whispered to me. "Forever."THE END
---------Well, boys that's all this story wrote. I hope you enjoyed it. I wrote this
story to show love can happen between a young boy, and a man. Who's to say
it can't.If you have any comments. Write me at
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