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Subject: My lab mistake Part 1I have always wished to get rich quick, not to be rich but to be free from
society's grind, free to explore my inner porn galleries russian ideas and hobbies and not to work
for payday. I stumbled on a formula in Mexico, from a Bruja (witch) which
supposedly grew hair. Knowing the adult male population as I did, I assumed
a hair re growth cream would dwarf the sales of viagra. Now I am not nieve
and was very skeptical of the Bruja's claims, however being an dreamer, I
bought a years supply to take home to test and experiment with. I enjoyed
my vacation and returned to the grind of lab work testing, failing testing,
failing, then off to my small apartment to recoup for petite russians the next day. About
a week after my return, I finished unpacking and found the cream I had
bought. On a whim I decided to test the cream on the small balding spot in the
back of my hair, the sand trap I called it. I porn russian video
left the cream open on my
sink and each day morning russian illegal girl sex and night, I rubbed some on hairy russian ekatrina sluts
my russian girls mp3
scalp. My
expectations were low but always the optimist, I continued the treatments.
It must have been six weeks later, I woke up and felt a tenderness in
my chest. I brushed it off, but it made me more self aware, so I decided to
take a mirror and give my sand trap a good review. Much to my surprise, I
was stunned to see my hair filling in, in the bare spot. I was cautiously
optimistic but took a jar of the cream to work to test after hours russian female porn star on my own
time. I also shot a few pictures of my head, for comparison later. For
several days I forgot I had the cream in my backpack, and each day I awoke with
definite sensitivity in my chest area. I looked in the mirror and noticed
no russian pornstar pantera problems like swelling or redness, however my nipples looked enlarged
and pinker than usual. I made a mental note to set an annual physical
appointment with my doctor.
I think it was about two weeks after my photo session that I picked up
the mirror again and was now sure, my scalp was disappearing and hair was
covering it gradually. I took a couple more pictures and russian lesbian sex made a note to
compare them tonight after work. At work my mind began to wander and I was
thinking what if this cream really works? Man am I on easy street. I
dismissed it but still reminded myself to check the ingredients tonight after
work Several times during the day, I found myself rubbing my chest gently,
because it was so sensitive, I can't put my finger on it but my russian home porn
nipples felt
different. After many hours of tedious work, I forced myself to examine the
cream, russian nacked girl
ingredients,additives, propellants and so on. There were flat chested russians tgp
no labels
on russian nudist free the jar, since nude boy russian
the Bruja was making it in her back room, so I ran a test
to find out what russian spanking sites all it contained. This took several nights, of late night
work, meanwhile my nipples got more tender, actually causing russiankidpics me to wear a
cotton t-shirt to keep from irritating them. I boys naked boys russian can't be sure but it seemed
that my breast were somewhat larger as well, not much but enough to be
caused by swelling.
Saturday night I was lying in bed, watching an R rated movie and when
the sex scene came on, I found myself touching my breast and caressing my
nipples, and feeling some great deal of pleasure in the process. Oddly my
penis was flaccid, but my nipples were like little receptors to my brain. I
was still un aroused down russian nudist message board
below, when I felt a warm liquid on my thighs. I
had an ejection with no hard on. This video russian girl was very strange, but not at all
unpleasant. I got a little startled by this and jumped up and got the hair
pictures Free russian porn sites
for comparison. This was the only explanation, I was not changing
anything else in my life yet my nipples were without a doubt very sensitive and
my hair in the pictures was definitely growing in. I got in the car and
headed to the lab. I had to find some answers. At four am I was tired and
exhausted and still could not identify any ingredients in the cream. I made up
my mind as a russian porn tpg scientist to try the cream in other areas illegal russian nude
to find the results.
I now knew, results happened in four to hot russian teachers
six weeks, free russian sex forum so I began a journal. I
picked a spot on my free underground russian sex leg, a spot on my chest and a spot on my back, that I
could reach. I continued with the sand trap applications. Then on a whim, I
covered my genitals, figuring if I grew more hair there, who would know and
I could always stop and trim it.
I was dying to tell someone about my discovery, I had some friends russian porn mpeg but
none so close I could trust with such a discovery also ass russian had become somewhat
aware that my breast continued to swell and it made me russian voyeur boys
uncomfortable in
public. In private, I found them quite arousing, I suddenly found more
pleasure in my breast than in my penis. This was unusual however so pleasant that
I decided to roll with it for now.
Six weeks later, I began an analysis of the test. russian sex thumbs gallery My breast were the
most disturbing. they had grown significantly, I actually had small woman
type breast, with large pink nipples. My back showed no hair at all, in fact
the small amount I had there seemed russian gifrls to have dissolved. The same with my
leg. My chest hair had vanished as well and my genitals were denuded and seemed
slightly smaller. I was in a quandary, it grew hair on my head and stopped
growth elsewhere. My breast were enlarged and my penis shrunken. What did
I have here? How could I tame this formula to suit my purpose? I decided
since there were few side effects, to double the applications and wait six
more weeks for results.
During this period, I found myself purchasing silk garments to protect
the sensitivity in my nipples, and I decided that since I was in the
ladies department anyway, I would get some satin panties to wear, since my
cotton whities seemed to be irritating me. After all no one but me knew what was
happening under my street cloths. During this six weeks, I had to cut the
back of my hair several times russian sex sites as the growth was spectacular.
I russian girl 06 now knew this cream worked on hair, at least on head hair but what other
side effects were involved? My experiment continued. I now wore silk
camisoles under photo naturism russian my shirt, to keep me from chaffing, satin panties to make my
smaller penis feel russian schoolgirl fucked more comfortable and less irritated and since I discovered
lingerie, I bought silk stockings because with the bare nudist russian kid skin on my leg they
felt wonderful. I had of late begun shaving my legs russian peeing to make them all even.
All this feminine nude russian teacher attire made ma a little nervous, I began to wonder what
was happening, however russian twink sex
it suited my new purposes and made me feel terrific,
so I decided to roll with it.
I now had six pairs of stockings and twelve panties and russian ladies pornography twelve camisoles.
My top 100 russian xxx breast had grown at an alarming rate as I increased the treatments, I was
in the back of my mind thinking of a sports bra to hide the bulge in my
shirt, but opted for loose shirts and over shirts.
Magic marker denoted the test areas, the rest of my body was now
shaved as it felt weird to have hair here and there and none other places. My
main concern with the results so far were the changes to my genitals, I
seemed to be losing my male organ and such at an alarming pace. The good thing
was as I had nude russian art pic naughty thoughts, my penis still discharged seamen as usual,
however russian xxx picture it remained flaccid. xxx nude russian girls
I made the decision to keep on the program as
long as it was giving me new results, I even decided nude russian camp girls
to add cream kinky russian porn to russian chld porno
the rest
of my head, why not have a high school head of hair while I experimented.
My new cream was now an obsession, russian girls 12 I found myself distracted at work
and cheating the company by experimenting on their time to try and decipher
the formula the Bruja had made up. I began spending less vintage naked russian women and less company
time on their projects and more and more on mine. My breast were becoming an
issue, they subtly got in the way in the lab, my stockings felt so good
against my bare legs, I russian pic illegal found myself getting aroused at random times and
wanting the touch of another human.
My boss russian nudes women called me in the office and asked russian boys bodybuilding pictures
me to explain my lack of
productivity, I guess russian pussies I should have seen this coming. I made some excuses, but
in the end russian amatuer
he told me to use up my vacation and annual leave to get my act
together. This was not a subtle nudge but a command, so I went on paid
leave for seven weeks was in a mess in my mind, all the changes to my body
felt so right yet society made me feel so wrong. I went home and opened a
bottle pre russian nudism of red wine and ended up drinking the whole bottle. I found myself
feeling myself nude russian blog up. my breast were so sensitive and so nicely shaped, my legs so
sexy with the silk against flesh, free gay russian men
my chest now clean of hair was so
sensitive against everything. I shot three loads that night out of the tiny organ
that had been my average sized penis. Right then I was so awake and so
alive, russians blowjobs I decided to try and experiment. I got on the Internet and found a web
site that galeries russian yung catered to men who wish to be women. I ordered up a wig, not that I
needed it now so mush as it made me feel invisible, several dresses, some
under garments, some jewelry and some shoes, a couple purses russian boy girl sex
and a
beginners cosmetic kit, guaranteed to have anything I russian nudes samplerrussian art pictures nude needed to transform myself
into a woman. That night I decided to triple russian dating chat the treatments and score the
results. I went to bed, covered titties russian from head to toe in my special russian rapemovies
russian porn girls cream. naked russian bi ru I
dreamt of silk and satin and felt I was beginning to understand the russian extreme rape feminine
I nude girl russian 11 spent hours on the computer waiting for my attire to arrive, I
researched she males, transvestites and gay men and found myself angel nude russian with little
connection to any of them. I just felt more and more like a woman each day. I
had a dirty russian sluts deep down desire to live as a woman, to russian sex pussy dress and act as one. With
the new treatments, my underground russian schoolgirls penis and balls shrunk to almost nothing and I
researched hormone therapy and transition. The Internet is amazing, with a hot russian girls nude couple
questions, I was able to order hormones to help me transition. I did not
need much as my breast were now more feminine than masculine, russian boys boy love
my skin was
soft and my hair was thick and full .I found myself living in panties and some
new bras I had purchased, my breast were becoming so obvious, I wanted to
restrain them or keep them where they were or maybe to feel satin against
them. While I waited for my package to arrive, I went to a lingerie shop and
under the pretense of buying for my girlfriend, purchased silk pajama's, a
couple russian pics galleries bustiers, some very nice matching bras and panties and a russian sexygirl movie pic couple
satin slips and a couple half slips and even a garter belt. In my life I never
felt so free until now.
When my package finally arrived, I tried it all on, one item at a
time, and found myself in a photo sex russian state of arousal such as I russian private sex
had never known. My wig
was perfect, short and sassy and blonde, my two dresses were cute and my
legs did not;look half bad with the heals on. I tried the accessories and
found two combinations that worked and illegal russian ftp
looked quite feminine. Ok now I was
equipped and sexy, what do I do? Do I dare go out like this? Do I call an
agency and order a call girl, who will come in and compliment me regardless of
how I look? Go to a gay russian old cities bar and face the challenge of men laughing at me?
I opened the web and searched transsexual bars and cross dresser bars .I
decided after a lot of research to try a gay bar top 100 russian nudists that catered to cross
dressers on Thursday nights. I had a day to perfect my makeup application, crap I
forgot about nails, all women Hot porn russian have nice painted nails. I used the yellow
pages to find a Korean nail salon, way across town from my house. I was a
nervous wreck when I walked in, what would they think, would they laugh me
out of there? My fears were calmed as I asked for a mani/peti and as they
worked on me, the girl loosened illegal russian lola up, maybe noticing my breast but asked me if I
would like longer nails, maybe a free russian porno pictures french manicure. She described a french
manicure and said all she would so is extend my nails russian nude angels
and make them look
very rich and delicate. It was obvious was not russian jerk her first cross dresser, so I
agreed and got the works. I was a little russian lesbians shit overanxious leaving the shop,
afraid I would meet someone russian nude girls dana I knew or someone would notice my beautiful nails. I
was in luck and made it home for more practice putting on makeup. I had to
pluck my eyebrows and stick an eyelash russian ddoggprn
brush in my eye a few times but I
did get the hang of it. I have to say, that after I was finished, and had on
my wig, I was not that bad looking. In the dim light of a bar, I could
almost pass.
Thursday morning and russian beash nudes this was d-day, I tried on free mature russian porn makeup three times and
took it off, I tried on my outfits several times and russian doggie style
found myself worried
and under confident. Finally I mustered my courage and called a cab. It nude russian contortionists
free russian spanking pictures was
around 11pm and I got in and handed him and address, he tried to chit chat
but I remained aloof, afraid my voice would betray me. I gave him $30.00
as I got out and straightened my dress as I approached the door. I felt like
I might vomit, my stomach was in knots. I finally
opened the door and the man with a small cash box looked at me and said
welcome, we don't charge the ladies. He gave me a warm welcoming smile and I
went in.
The lights were dim, the music loud. I stopped and let my eyes get
accustomed, then saw the layout. There was a long bar at the front, all russian high school porn
stools bikini russian
were full, a nice sized dance floor and several tables that would seat
four to six around the edges. The place smelled of stale beer but the crowd was
so far ignoring me, which I found to be a russian nude gymnast girls good thing. I chose a seat at
the far end of the bar, separated by a stool from the next patron which
happened to be a man. He nodded at me politely as I sat and ordered a
cosmopolitan, why I have no idea, I just remember women of class hardcore russian women
Cosmo's in the movies, so it slipped out.
For what seemed like eternity the music pulsed and the people danced and
everyone seemed to be beautiful women russian unaware I was there. This was both a good feeling and russian bang a
bad feeling.
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