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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 22:29:19 -0800
From: Joe
Subject: Story, MOTEL (3) (Encounters, Urination) THE MOTELAs my mind came back to the room where I was lying on the bed, I knew
I had to take a leak. I stirred on the bed and Greg asked, "Where the
fuck you going cunt!?" I said, "Got to take a leak!" He stood up
and said, "Me too baby! Come on." I got off the bed as he came over
and put his big arm around my shoulders guiding me into the bathroom.
The room was a mess. I mean it had been well used for the time I was
there, with piss and cum stains on everything. Greg laughed and said,
"Looks like you been partying in here too bitch! That right Joey!?"I said, "Uh yeah Greg, you know how some guys get off on that kind of
thing!" He chuckled as I walked over to the commode. foros boards pthc As I aimed my
cock down towards the bowl, he came up behind me. I felt his hands
grasp my hips and then, he was forcing that hard cock of his up inside
me. One of his hands came around to hold my cock and he thrust up
into me and said, "Here, something to wash you out with honey!!" I
groaned as he pulled me back against him, spreading my legs as he
forced his cock all the way up into me. Then, he was doing it. As my
cock pissed into the bowl, he was pissing inside of me. He whispered,
"Hold it in bitch! Don't want to waste a drop!!"I did as I was told as he filled me with his hot piss. Then, as he
slowly stopped, Jack came to the door and asked, "What the fuck you
doing Greg!?" Greg worked my ass on his cock as he worked my pthc laura nurse hips
from side to side. He chuckled and said, "Just taking a piss buddy!
How about you!?" pthc nudes Jack came over and moved behind me as Greg began to
pull his cock out of me. He and Greg changed places, hardly losing
any piss out of me, as Jack crammed his dick into me. He said, "Never
pissed mixman bbs pthc in anybody before! Awww, here it comes baby! Ahhhhhh, all for
you Joey!!" I clamped my ass hole forum pedo pthc porn around his spewing cock as young pussy pthc pedo he
flooded his piss into me, as Greg played with my tits and stroked the
front of my body!Then, Jack jerked his cock out of me and I tried to keep the piss in
me as I quickly turned and sat on the commode. As they watched, my
ass hole opened and the mixed cum and piss slid out of me in a whoosh.
I moaned and gasped and Jack laughed and said, "Shit, looks like you
needed that piss enema Joey!" I stared up at him, barely hearing him
as I let my body relieve the pressure. Then, I wiped off as they went
out to the other room. I got up and used what was left of a towel
with some water to wash some of the sweat and cum off my body. As I
did, I heard a knock at the door.Greg answered it and I heard a voice ask, "Is this where the pussy
is!?" Greg said, "Sure is guy! Come on in, the party is already
started, but I'm sure the little bitch cunt would like some more
action! Hey Joey, got another cock here for you to service honey!
Come on out and let the man see what he gets!" I 14 year pthc walked out, running
my hands through my hair and looked at the newcomer. He was a driver,
shit, another trucker horny for my ass! He looked about thirty five
or so, and wasn't as big as either Jack or Greg, but he was a man. I
smiled and said, "Hi stud, want to play with me!?" The man looked a
little shocked, at first, but quickly began to take off his clothes
saying, "Shit, I need to get my balls drained baby! You ready to take
my cream honey!?"I smiled and moved over and lay on the bed on my back and lifted and
spread my legs and said, "I'm all yours stud!!" Greg laughed pthc nude models
clapped the man on the bare shoulder and said, "Have at it him man!
The bitch will show you a real good time!!" teen vids pthc
I watched as the man came
towards me, his hand stroking his hardening cock. I licked my lips as
he crawled up between my legs. I reached down and grasped his hard
shaft and said, "Let me honey! I know just the place for this big hard
dick!" He stared at me as I guided his cock back to my ever hungry
hole. I raised my hips as I felt the head touch my hole and worked
them to get my hole around his cock head. He looked at me and, as Jack
shouted, "Fuck that bitch stud!!," the man drove his cock into me
balls deep.I arched my body and thrust my ass down to meet his thrust as he
leaned over me on all fours, my legs wrapped around his waist, pthc underage free as his
hips drove his cock in and out of me. Goose bumps rose on my skin and
I wiggled and moaned in pleasure as my mind registered another hard
man cock inside me, working me, fucking me, using me so good. The
sight of that man, who cared what he looked like, just a hot man with
a hard cock, over me, thrusting his manhood into my always hungry male
cunt, was getting me excited again. The stud shouted, pthc ptsc illegal
"Come here guys!
Look at this fucking whore! He's really turned on!!" Greg came over
and slapped the man on the ass and said, "Yeah, he gets like that
every time a dick goes into him! Give it to him guy, make him moan, he
loves that!!"The man thrust into me harder and I stroked his body as I begged,
"yes, yes, yes, oooo, oh stud, yes, more, more, more cock honey, ooo
so good, so hard, so big! Fuck me stud, ooo, fuck me, fuck me!!" The
man laughed and asked, "He always this loud!?" Greg moved over my
chest and grasped my head by the hair and said, "Shit, only one way to
stop him! Here bitch! Suck my cock!!" I groaned as he pushed the full
length of his cock into my mouth and throat as the man continued to
fuck me. I didn't care, I was being dicked, dicked at cp pthc kids both ends, my
body loving the feel of the sweaty man bodies over me, the hardness of
their cocks as they were fucked and fed to me!!I was in that special place I always went to when I was being used
good by a couple of studs, but my mind began to wander again. I was
back at rextex1 pthc
that first motel, the day after that first night. I rose up
from the bed and went in and took a nice long shower. The towels were
wet, but from the bright sunlight outside, I didn't care, I'd be
sweaty soon enough. I got dressed in a loose pair of shorts and a
tshirt and then, my sandals and grabbed my bags and headed out of the
room. I went to the office and gave the woman there the key and paid
the bill. As I walked out of the office, this pickup truck with a
horse trailer pulled up towards me. It was Jake and Shawn. My cock pthc bbs imageboard and
ass twitched as they came up to pthc2007 com lang pl
me, remembering the way they had
fucked me the night before.Jake got pthc bbs list out of the cab as Shawn waved and smiled at me. Jake came up
to me and said, "Hmmm, looks like you're advertizing for some more
dick Joey!" I blushed and said, "If its your dick stud, I'd advertize
naked!" He turned towards the truck and hollered, "Shawn. Take the
rig over to the restaurant and I'll walk over. Get me some coffee,
o.k.?" Shawn hollered, "Sure thing dad. See you around Joey!" I
smiled at him and Jake leaned over and said, "You wait new pthc laura right here
bitch! I got something for you!" I went over to a little alcove pthc free pics underage out of
the sun near the office pthc ptsc bbs forum as he walked in to take care of his business.
A few minutes later, he strolled over to where I was.He looked around and then, with his arm on my shoulder said, "Come
with me." I let him lead me around to the back of the alcove and then,
in amongst some bushes. As we got there, he leaned back against the
wall and thrust his crotch forward and said, "Show me you want it Joey
honey!" I smiled as I slid to my knees in front of him, rubbing the
front of his levis. I undid the buttons and then, his belt and pulled
them down as I stared up at him. I slid my mouth onto his hardening
cock and he said, "Yeah, show me honey, show me good!" I bobbed my
mouth on his cock, wetting it with saliva and then, turned around and
slid my shorts down off my ass. I wiggled it and said, "Ooo stud, I
want it! I want it all!" He laughed and reached out and slapped my
ass and said, "Get up."I stood up and he pulled me over so that I was facing the wall. He
slid a hand down along my ass crack and pushed my legs apart with his
feet and said, "I'm gonna pthc 8 give you what you want honey!" Then, as I
groaned, he began to slide his hard shaft up into me. I wiggled my ass
back and said, "Ooo, yes, yes, kitty pthc give it to me stud, give it all to me!"
He jerked my head back by the hair and said, "Yeah, you love it when a
man uses you rough like this, don't you bitch!? Yeah, just want to
let a man fuck you, don't you!?" I gasped, "yes, yes, fuck me Jake,
ooo, stud, give it to, uh, me, uh, uh, yes, yes, like that! Ooo Jake,
so good, pthc bbs ictures
uh, so good!!" He chuckled as he held my head back against
his shoulder, his hips driving his hard shaft up into me full tilt
each time.Then, he held my hips tightly with his pthc child incest big hands and drove into me,
grinding his crotch against my spread crack. I moaned in pleasure as
he held his cock inside me, making it twitch and throb, and then, pull
out to fuck me for a bit, then, grinding into me again. I loved it, my
body arching back for more and more as he used me roughly, making sure
I felt pthc modeling
every fucking inch of his cock inside me. At one point, I
thought he was trying to shove his balls into me along with his shaft,
he was so hard pressed against my back. I began to rhythmically work
my inner ass muscles as I realized I was being fucked by a real stud.
He bit at my shoulder and said, "Yeah, that's it honey. Work that
sweet tight bitch cunt pthc emule for my cock! Yeah, work it naked underage pthc honey, let me feel
how much you love my man cock in you!!"I moaned and rocked back with my hips, even though he was holding them
tightly, but managing to thrust onto his cock even more. He bbs pthc picture
jerked me backward, making me lean over, my hands on the wall to
steady myself, as he began to fuck me. Oh man, was that one wild fuck,
so hard and deep, his powerful hips driving every inch of his cock to
my hungry hole as I moaned and gasped and begged for more. Then, his
hands slid up to my shoulders and he jerked me back onto his cock as
he groaned and he was cummming inside me. I clamped down on his
spewing cock with my inner ass muscles, wanting to milk his cum into
me. as he fell over my back and held me tightly.Then, he pulled his cock out of me roughly and I quickly turned and
slid to my knees and took the cum covered shaft into my mouth. I
sucked it dry of any remaining cum and cleaned it and the hair around
it and his balls as he smiled down at me. I looked up at him and said,
"Oh shit, maybe I should follow you to Colorado and forget about the
job!" He chuckled and lifted me up and pressed me against the wall
with his body and bit at my lip and said, "Maybe I should shanghai you
then!?" I chuckled and I put my lips on his and we kissed, his tongue
diving into my mouth wildly as I clasped myself to his hard body.Then, he little boys sex pthc pulled back and said, "Better pull your panties up boy!
Wouldn't want anyone to know you like being fucked Joey!" I chuckled
and so did he as I arranged my clothes and he did the same. I turned
and said, "I wish I could go back to Colorado with you Jake, but you
know how it is!" He smiled and patted my cheek and said, "Its o.k.,
Joey. Shit, if you were to come to the ranch, you'd never have any
clothes on! Those fucking guys I got wrangling for me would keep you
naked and full of hard dick so much, you'd feel like an open hole!" I
chuckled and said, "Well, who knows, it might be fun to be the ranch
pussy!" He laughed and slapped my butt and said, "Maybe. Maybe. But
I got to go now baby!" I smiled and slid my hand along the front of
his levis and said, "I know stud, just wish I could spend more time
pleasing this big dick of yours is all!"We both laughed and walked out and around through the alcove and he
turned and walked towards the restaurant. I watched till he went
inside and then, walked over to my car and got in. I drove off,
thinking what it might be like to have a bunch of horny cowboys riding
me. I laughed as I pulled out onto the interstate and headed east.
The road was pretty empty the first hour or so, but as I got near to
Flagstaff, it picked up. There were the usual places along the
highway to stop and eat, but I was looking for a truck stop. I knew
that most of them would have some reasonably decent food, and, if I
was lucky, maybe a glory hole or two. Besides, I never turned down a
trucker cock, no sir, not me. It was a trucker japanese pthc young bbs cock that taught me
how much of a fucking male slut I was and I guess I have a soft spot
for those drivers.I drove pthc guestbook russian on through Flagstaff and further east and then, at some
junction, spied a likely place. It was placed off the highway a bit,
sort of like the owners wanted to give the drivers a little privacy or
something. I drove off the interstate and down the crossing leading to
the stop. I pulled in and drove up to the pumps and got out to fill my
tank. As I did, I noticed there webcam 12 pthc ashely were a lot of trucks for the middle of
the day. There weren't many passenger cars in the lot, but the back
of the place looked like there were quite a few drivers there. I
finished the gas and paid the attendant, a dumpy looking kid with a
nasty chaw pthc nerd
in his mouth, that he kept spitting out as he watched me
gassing up. I pulled the car around and parked near the restaurant
and got out and went in.The cool air hit me immediately as I came inside pthc pedo teens rape and realized it as I
began to sweat a bit. kdz bdsm pthc
Except for where the drivers were sitting, the
place almost looked deserted. I walked up to the counter bbs pthc forum
and sat down
and began to look at a menu. As I did, a waitress came over and,
chewing on her gum, asked me what I wanted. I ordered a hamburger and
some fries and coffee and she walked off to put my order in. As she
came back to pour my coffee, one of the driver on the other hussyfan pthc mom son
side of
the little partition hollered, "Hey, anybody working in this place!?"
The waitress looked bothered as she hollered, "Easy there Craig!
You'll get your food!"She looked at me and sort of said to the rest of the place, "Dumb
truckers, always wanting personal service." She walked over to the
driver's side and I watched as she moved to the driver named Craig.
He looked about forty, or maybe it was the way his nose was canted.
He wasn't pretty, but he was sort of handsome in a rugged way, sort of
like the actor Harrison Ford is. He said something to the cp pthc forum woman and
she laughed and a few other drivers chuckled along with them. I went
back to sipping my coffee and waited for my food. I ate it after I got
it and was getting up to go pay, when I spied the driver named Craig
getting up from his table. I waited a bit as he walked towards the
counter and I walked up to it at the same time. He was a big man,
stocky more than tall, a real meaty man.As he came up to me, I looked down at his crotch and then, up to his
face. As I did, he frowned and asked, "See something you're
interested in fella!?" I blushed a little and said, "Uh, jenny pthc search sorry, its
just that you pthc rompl seem to be a pretty big guy is all." He pthc freedom bbs pthc looked at me
for a second and then, harrumphed or something and began to hand his
ticket to the guy at the counter. He paid his bill and then, turned
and walked down to a small hallway. As he rounded the doorway I
noticed the sign for the restrooms on it and turned back to pay my
bill. I paid it and then, walked over to the doorway and went down the
short hall. I found the restroom and pushed open the door. I stopped
as he was standing there, bbs board pthc his shirt off, and was bent over a bit,
washing his face.I stepped in and went over to a urinal and as I began to pthc top free piss, he
turned towards me. He stood there for a second and then, asked, "You
a faggot guy!?" I started and turned towards him, almost pissing on
the wall as I looked at him. I asked, "What, uh, what was that!?" He
stood there, leaning against the side of the sink and was rubbing a
towel over his massively, nicely haired chest. He slid one hand down
to his crotch and cupped his cock and balls, as he said, "I asked if
you were a faggot! I mean, you checked out what I got here, so I
figure you gotta be one of them queer boys!" I stared at his hand for
a moment and then, up to his face. I asked, "And, what if I was
queer? You going to beat the shit out of me?"He chuckled and moved closer and said, "No. But if you want to work
on my big cock boy, I'd pump you full of some hot thick stuff." I
looked up at him and then, moved my hand over and pressed it against
the hardening bulge. I massaged it and he put his hand on my shoulder
and said, "Let's take this into one of the stalls." He turned me with
his big hand and pushed me towards the last stall in the row. We went
inside and he pushed me down on the commode. I sat there pthc dvds
as he brushed
my cock seeking hand away as he undid the buttons of his shirt and
then, his belt, then, the buttons on his levis, then, pushed them to
his knees. He pushed his boxers down and thrust his hips forward and
said, simply, "Suck!"I leaned forward eagerly, sliding my lips around the cut head of his
nice looking dick. It was about seven inches long, and a little fat,
but as I moved on it, his hand slid to the back of my head and he
pushed it all the way into my mouth and throat. He held my head in
against his pubes, rubbing the wiry hairs all over my face as his cock
stuffed my mouth and throat. I breathed through my nose, real pthc site collection relaxing and
letting him take control. Then, he began to pull and push his cock in
and out of my mouth and stroke my hair pthc video preview
at the same time. I looked up
at him pthc model as he pumped my mouth and, though pthc r search ygold that nose was messed up, I
realized this was a real man. Oh yeah, nice and tight and hard, just
like his big cock!He held my head with both hands at that point and began to pump my
mouth a little faster. I sucked harder and even moaned a few times as
he fed it to me. I was really enjoying the feel of his steely cock as
it slid over my lips again and again. Just then, he jerked it from my
mouth and pulled my head back by the hair and asked, "You like getting
fucked boy?" I gasped out, "Yes sir, oh yeah, I do!!" He stepped
back and said, "Strip and lean over that toilet then!" I did as he
wanted, putting my shorts and subchamber pthc tshirt in a pile on top of the commode
tank. I looked back over my shoulder as I heard him spit into his
hand and then, spread my legs wider and wiggled my pthc sample download ass at him.He pthc pic toplist
chuckled when he saw me do that and then, slid his hand to my ass
and shoved a finger up into me roughly. My head flew up and I gasped,
"Ooo, oh yeah, oh stud!!" He worked the finger in and out a bit and
then, as I groaned from the loss, pulled it out. I needn't have
worried as it was replaced by his hands on my hips, and the head of
his hard r ygold pthc portal
shaft as he pressed it to my hole. Then, without any
hesitation, I moaned in pleasure as he slid that big hard shaft up
into me till I felt his balls hit the fotoplenka pthc back of mine. I squeezed on his
hard shaft as he paused a moment and then, he began to fuck. He may
not have been the world's best fucker, but 13yo pthc
right then, right there, chiharu torrent pthc I
was in heaven!He started by pulling his cock out till just the head was in me and
then, ramming it back home again. He did this over and over, like
some kind of machine, as his cock slid in and out and I humped my ass
back for more. Every so often, he'd slap at my upturned butt cheek or
at the backs of my thighs and I'd moan in pleasure. Then, he leaned
over me, never stopping that pistoning cock, as he bit 40 pthc pics at my ear and
neck. I felt his big hands slide under to my chest and the rough
fingers started playing, pulling and tugging at my nubs as I shivered
in ecstasy. I loved it! If it were possible, I'd stay like this
forever, his hands working me, his mouth nipping at my neck and ears,
and his cock, ooo, that luscious cock, filling me each latin models pthc time pthc laura 0609 he thrust
in!At one point, as he held me under him like that, his tongue slid into
my ear, raising goose bumps on my skin as I shivered in delight. He
whispered, "Yeah, you like being fucked pthc nylons by ole Craig, don't you baby!?
Yeah, like that big dick, filling your sweet male hole, making you
take it, don't you fag boy!?" My head flew up and I gasped, "Yes,
yes, oh Craig, so good, so good! Fuck me Craig, fuck me, ooo, yes,
yes, more, more!!" He chuckled and swiped at my ear with his tongue
and I shivered in want and lust as he thrust in even harder, his
crotch slapping against my humping butt cheeks as he filled me with
his cock. I moaned and rocked in ecstasy as he took me, not carrying
about anything, not where I was, who might catch us, anything!Only story of pthc two things were in my head, the feel and touch of his hands and
body on mine as he lay over me, and, the feel of that big cock sliding
in and out of my hungry hole! He let go of one of my tits and shoved
the two fingers he had been using into my mouth and I sucked hungrily
on them. He worked them in and out of my mouth as he worked his cock
in and out of my ass, driving me wild with the double sensation. Just
then, a voice said, "Yeah buddy, fuck that hot man cunt! Fill it
stud!" In a haze, I looked up and there was a face looking over the
top of the stall wall, watching as free pthc pics I got fucked by this horny stud
driver.My driver said, "Hot ass, real hot ass and he knows how to use it to
please a dick too! Take it fucker, take my cock!!" Just then, he
rammed into me with a wild shout of "awwwwww man!," and my ass
muscles clamped on that hard shaft as it shot inside me. I moaned and
worked my ass on his spewing shaft, milking his cum into me as I
surrendered completely to him. Then, he lay on my back for a bit and
breathed heavily into my neck and ear. Then, he eased out of me,
saying, "You want some of this guy!? pthc russia model Shit, I bet he'd take another
hot cock up this hot male cunt vombat pthc
of his!!" I was almost delirious as I
felt his cock easing out of me, but fought it, trying to keep it in.
Then, he pulled out and another pair of hands grasped my hips as the
man said, "Sure thing buddy! Let me at that hot male twat!!"I groaned just then, as the man shoved his cock into my still open and
eager hole and my head flew up. As it did, Craig moved around to my
side pedo pthc forum and jerked my head over to his cock and shoved it into my mouth.
The other man slapped my ass and said, "Oh yeah, let's fuck this male
whore good buddy! Fill him with man cum!!" Craig laughed and said,
"You bet buddy! Fuck that ass!! Pump it good! Give the fag bitch
what he wants stud!" I moaned as I was spitted on the two hard shafts
driving in and undergound pthc out of my two hungry holes. No thought of anything but
pleasing the two cocks and the men using me, not caring, vicky pthc rapidshare just wanting
this to go on and on!!Craig locked my head tighter with his hands and drove his cock deep
into my throat. My face was crushed into his wiry cockbush, my
forehead pressing hard against his taut lower belly, my mouth and
throat stuffed with his hard shaft. The man dark pthc angel bbs
fucking me, slid his
hands up my back and grasped my shoulders tightly, never stopping his
pistoning cock as he drove it in and out of me. I moaned and my body
rocked up against Craig's as the man fucked me fully. I was
breathlessly breathing through my nose as Craig leaned over pthc portals and spread
my butt cheeks wider and said, "Yeah, pump that male pussy stud! Make
him hum and moan on my dick fucker!!" The man fucking me thrust into
me even pthc russia harder and said, "Oh man, this is so fucking wild! pthc search
Oh shit,
what an ass, what a fucking hot tight man hole!! Uh, pthc color climax torrent uh, ooo, yeah,
take it you faggot bitch cunt, take it all!!"Craig laughed and said, "Now you're getting into it dude, make him
feel pthc imgbbs ru every fucking hard inch stud!" I groaned pthc streaming
as I pushed my ass back
for more and the stud slammed up into me pthc torrent ru harder and faster. All the
while, my mouth and throat was working on the hard shaft buried
between my lips. I slid my hands around and grasped Craig's hard
muscled ass darkcoll pthc and then, he began to pump in and out of my mouth slowly.
In the tight confines of that stall, I was getting royally used,
filled with hard man meat at both ends and my mind went wild and I
sucked ravenously at the hard meat filling my mouth.At the same time, I began to work my pthc boners ass, back and forth, humping to
meet the stud's thrusts. Then, around in circles to feel his cock
hitting different spots inside me. I was lost in the lust and feel of
these two hard men, surrendering myself to them, wanting them to use
me and use me good!! Then, Craig slid a hand under to my chest and
grasped my left tit mound. He gave it a hard squeeze and though I
squealed around his cock, my ass hole tightened on the hard kds pthc list pumping
shaft of the man fucking me. He slapped my ass and shouted, "Oh yeah,
do it again big guy! Oh shit, his ass is even tighter now!!" Craig
laughed and did it again, squeezing my pec and flicking his fingernail
over my tit nub. I groaned and writhed in pleasure, as my ass
tightened more.The man fucking me, was going wild as he slammed into me hard and
fast, lost in the feeling of my ass squeezing and releasing on his
hard shaft. Then, as Craig pinched my left tit hard, the man drove
into me with a shout of "Aww shit! YES!!," and I felt his cock
explode inside me, shooting his cum to me. I clamped my cock down on
the spewing cock and squeezed it and released it, milking it like some
cow's teat as I worked to get the man's cum into me. The man was
groaning and holding his cock inside me deeply, with his balls up
tight to my crotch. Then, as he slowed his flow, he jerked his cock
out of me and Craig asked, "How was it guy!?"The guy chuckled and wiped his dripping cockhead over my hot ass
cheeks and said, "Man, this is one hot male pussy! I've fucked a few
faggot bitch's before, but this one is the best man! The best!" Craig
laughed and jerked his cock out my mouth and pulled my head up and
said, "Hear that fag boy!? You done a good job for a whore, yeah fine
job!!" Then he pushed videos young pthc
my head back towards the man and said, "Clean
his cock faggot! Clean the tool you worked on!" I moved to the man
and he thrust his crotch forward and I barely looked up at him as I
slid my mouth onto his cum slimed cock. I sucked on it and cleaned the
cum off of it and then, pulled back.The man looked at Craig and said, "Hey thanks buddy! This is been
hot, but I bbs underground pthc got to get out of here! Thanks for the piece of ass guy!"
Craig pulled my face over to his still hard cock and pressed my pthc teen pussy face
in against his cock and balls and said, "Don't mention it buddy!
Anything for a fellow trucker!" The other man chuckled and said
goodbye and left the stall. Craig looked down at me and said, "Up on
your feet boy!" I stood up, a little shaky, feeling the cum of the
man who fucked me and Craig's oozing out of my hole between my legs.
He grabbed me and pushed me up against the side of the stall and pthc hussyfan girls I
moaned as I felt daddys pthc
his hand slide along my butt crack.He inserted a finger into me, saying, "Yeah, you loved having that
stud fuck you, didn't you boy!? Letting him pound this hot hole,
filling you with his man cream!? You loved it didn't you fag bitch!?"
I groaned, my face against the stall partition as I gasped, "Yes! Yes,
I did enjoy it!" He chuckled, his mouth next to my ear rape pthc 16 years and pressed
his hard body against my back. He slid a finger of his other hand to
my mouth and said, "Suck baby, suck my finger!" I hungrily slid my
lips on his finger and sucked it and then, as he added another finger
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Yeah, that's it, now reach back and spread them sweet cheeks, show me
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me faggot! Show me you want this big cock in
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