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From: Richard
Subject: Mike Chapter 7Based on a true relationship. Comments welcome.Copyright 2008,
----------Mike's tongue wrapped around mine deep in his mouth. His warmth seemed
to flow through me. The faint tang of beer mixed with his own unique
taste. Our combined sweat filled the air."I can taste my cum." said Mike, breaking our kiss."Nice huh?""Yours is better.""Grass is always greener on the other preteen pregnat
end of the cock."Mike smiled, his face still inches from mine."I hate to break the moment, but you're just about to break my back."Mike unwrapped his bulky arms from around me and preteen small panties swatted my ass sexy preteen nymphs with a
grin. We both tugged our shorts up over our softening dicks before
plopping back down on the couch. Leaning against each other, we sat in
contented silence in front of the glow of the television.Hours passed. Mike's paw gently rubbed my preteen pix porn neck from time to time as I
ran ugly preteen girl
my fingers through the preteen nip slip thick hair carpeting his arm. Eventually our
mutual yawning signaled the end of the evening."I think I'm done. pics preteen porn You want me to give you a call tomorrow? Or should
I stay here...""You kidding? You're sleeping with me tonight if I have anything to say
about it.""Sounds good to me."Untangling ourselves from each other and the couch, alice preteen model I trooped after Mike
up the stairs. His furry calves tensed on each step as he lumbered to
the top, then turned right into the bathroom.Mike levered his soft cock out child preteen fucked of his boxers and released a torrent of
spent beer into the john. He scratched his belly as the stream splashed
into the water. preteen strapon movie
The chubby preteen toes galleries shaft protruding from his unzipped shorts
was still preteen porn gallary splotchy red from our brinksmanship contest earlier in the
evening.I brushed my teeth in front of the sink. preteen daughter illegal
Mike shook the last of the
piss out, then elbowed hairless preteen galleries me out of the way of the pre teen troubled mirror. Trading movies illegal preteen
I added my own contribution to the bowl. Mike examined himself in the
mirror, then tugged preteens board cp
his dirty t-shirt over his head. His furry chest
and sexy incest preteen exposed pits scented the tiny room with male musk. Grabbing my
bottle of mouthwash, he swirled a slug of it briefly, then spit loudly
into the sink before shuffling out into my room.Mike was sitting preteens on webcams
on the edge of my bed pulling his socks off. His
shorts were unzipped. preteen uniform clips
legal preteen feet I pulled my shirt off, sadly to less dramatic
effect than Mike. Sliding my preteen in pantyhose
shorts off exposed my cock. I was
genuinely tired by then, but Mike's half-naked body had still provoked
an erection."Glad to see I've got a fan." smirked Mike good naturedly."Damn preteens nude modeling right."I tossed my clothes into a pile on the floor next to Mike's discarded
shirt. young preteen sexe He stood, dropping his shorts but leaving his tattered boxers."You gotta give preteen nudist young those damn things up. They're obstructing the view.""Horny fucker."Mike peeled the tight fabric over his furry thighs exposing his own
half-hard dick."Uh huh." cute preteens
I teased."Shut up." he retorted, throwing preteen magazines bbs his boxers at me.Catching them in mid air, I sniffed the wadded fabric before dropping
them on the pile of clothes."Sick fuck.""Yup."Mike climbed onto my bed, presenting his furry ass. preteen free galley
He tossed the
covers aside and slid in. His head was propped up preteen gorgeous girls on a pillow with his
hands behind it. my preteen nude Dark pits preteen smoking pictures
framed his rounded face preteen freepics
and short-cropped
hair.My cock jumped. I followed Mike's lead and slid in next preteen video underage to him. The
cool sheets slowly warmed from our body heat."Whatcha preteens supermodels wanna do tomorrow?" asked Mike."You.""Yeah, I figured that. What else?" he snorted."I was thinking we could go hiking. Maybe up by Independence Lake.""I though you liked my fat ass. Now you're trying to burn it off.""Nah. I just want to see it sweat."Mike snorted again, then levered himself up to preteen girl young reach the light switch.
The bed young wet preteen springs creaked as he plopped back down in the darkness."Night."I felt his weight shift, then his hand wrapped behind my head, tugging
it toward him. Our lips met in iligal preteen model
little tiny preteens
the dark. nele preteen model His tongue slid into my
mouth, swirled with mine, then we pulled slowly apart.Mike's breathing eventually slowed into his trademark snores. I turned
onto my side and joined him in sleep.Faint morning sun lit download porno preteens the blinds over my bedroom windows. I'm normally
a restless sleeper, images nude preteen
but this time I woke exactly where I'd drifted off.
Pressure on my side and chest revealed the reason. Mike's furry arm was
draped over me, his hand tucked into my armpit. The full length of his
stocky preteen foot games chest pressed against my back. preteen pube pics
Our legs curled together. His
crotch lightly touched my ass. Even better, I could feel his morning
wood laying against my cheeks.His slow breaths photos preteens free in my ear lulled me back to sleep.The sun was brighter now. Mike's body still pressed against my back, but
his arm was gone. Instead I felt his warm rough hand gently preteen pics fuck tugging at
my hard cock. He must have been at it for a while, since each pull sent
a wave of pleasure through my balls, up my back, then exploding into my
brain."Mmm. Fuck." I muttered, still half asleep."I thought I'd make myself something to eat." Said Mike's deep voice
behind preteen home video me."Let me help you out."Turning over, his hand preteen ilegal pictures slipped off my tingling dick. His smiling face
lay inches from mine, propped up on his bulging bicep. An intoxicating
spice from his pits scented the air between ten preteen
us. Heat radiated from him.Our lips met again. This time I beat him to the punch, and slid deep
into his mouth. Now there was no mouthwash or toothpaste to hide the
honest taste of his body. Our tongues rubbed against each other,
swirling in his warmth. Now he slid past me into my mouth. ls beautiful preteens We wrestled
again for what seemed like hours.Mike was by no means the first man I'd slept with, but nothing had ever
felt like this did. Sex was always fun, but now small acts like his
kiss or the weight preteen girl nightgowns of illegal pics preteen
his body against mine seemed even preteen russian pics
better.Finally we anime incest preteen
both came up for air. A thin trail of spit clung to Mike's
beard."Can I suck your dick again?" asked Mike with touching honesty."Hmm. sexual preteen modelsls preteen child Let me think about it." I said sarcastically."Shut up.""You can only suck mine if I get yours too."Mike answered by throwing the covers off our bodies. We lay a few
inches shameless pre teens
apart, his bulk dwarfing my thin frame. Our dicks both jutted,
their shafts resting against each preteen modling
other.Clambering up, I lay down next to Mike's cock."Slide down a bit."Mike's broad thighs flexed, pulling horney nude preteen his model nud preteen bulk hussyfan preteen raygold down the bed till the
stubble of his beard brushed the dripping head of my dick.Mike's crotch warmed my face with its radiant heat. The salty smell of
yesterday's sweat had matured into a tangy funk that swirled around my
nose. A small glistening drop appeared at the wide slit at the end of
his beer can sized oxi preteen model shaft.I extended preteen age bbs my tongue to touch Mike when I was interrupted by the amazing
feeling of him lapping at my slit."Oh fuck yeah." I sighed.Mike's tongue withdrew."You taste good." He paused. "Smell good too."Rather than answering, I extended my tongue into a chute, then slid as
much of Mike into me as I could manage. His thick head nestled into my
throat. preteen model samples Deep brown fur touched my chin. The scent from his leathery
sack filled my preteenz picturez young nose."Ghhhh" 3d pics preteen grunted Mike as his body shook.As I slid back off his dick, I felt my own entering his mouth. Warm
spit engulfed me. nacked preteen
I could foro incest preteen
feel his rough lips sliding over my shaft
millimeter by millimeter. My head touched the top of his mouth before
being pushed elite preteen pics to the side by his tongue. It slim preteen models slid down each side in turn.
Its rough top surface grated against the corona of my cock, causing my
ass to clench in pleasure.Turning back to the job at hand, I tightened my lips hard against Mike's
shaft. Sliding back, I stopped at the broad base of his head. It
ballooned even larger. Mike grunted again, muffled by my dick.The tip of my tongue pressed against the wide piss slit. The
sweet/salty taste of his pre-cum virgins litle preteen washed over me. preteen picture archives Elbowing the lips
apart, I probed as deeply as I could manage. Mike's thighs shivered,
pressing toward me. I loosened my lips and let the shaft slide in
again.My own cock was now gliding in and out of Mike's spit-slicked lips.
Each time it reached the back of his mouth he let out a contented grunt.
The warm pull of his mouth sent bolts of pleasure through me.Mike's earlier jacking had put me at a disadvantage. I wanted to shoot
down his waiting throat every time his tongue swirled over my throbbing
head.His spit-slicked shaft popped through my lips and jerked in the cool
air. Lifting my arm off his side, I slid preteen naturist camps my horny hot preteens middle finger into my mouth
briefly before engulfing Mike's pleading head again.Reaching over him, I spread his cheeks preteen girls babes with one hand. preteen magazinefashion net I rested my lubed
finger gently on his puckered hole. Mike stiffened and preteen tights models
stopped his preteen candid pictures oral
assault on my cock in preteen nonnude sluts mid stroke. I gently drew my finger around his
hole, brushing aside the thick fur filling his trench.I felt Mike slowly relax. His head jutted forward again, swallowing my
dick.His own shaft was now sliding nearly down my throat on each stroke. Its
sheer girth prevented anything deeper. My finger massaged the outside
of his hole in time."Mmm. Fuuuck." moaned Mike, sliding my dick out of his mouth preteens pedoland for a
moment.Cum churned in my videos preteen babes
balls. I forced it to stay down, but each of Mike's
noisy slurps tipped the balance in his favor.I called in the heavy guns. Withdrawing my preteen underage picture finger, I licked it again to
lube it. I could taste preteen uk nymphet
the earthy tang of Mike's ass. Returning to his
crack, I pressed preteen model underwear
harder against his hole. My finger miss preteen nudist
slid slowly in
about a quarter hairy preteen girl of an inch before being stopped by his tense ring."Fuck!" yelped Mike before he dove back onto preteen body links my cock.Pulling my finger up and down his crack, I tugged at his ring. Mike
bucked in time.Unfortunately nude preteen animation my plan backfired. I was wholly focused on the feel of
Mike's shaft sliding through my lips, and the rubbery tug of his hole
against my finger. preteen free under
Suddenly there was pressure against my own ring.
Mike's dry finger rubbed tentatively against the folds."Oooh fuuuck yes." I yelled.Mike caught on fast and pressed harder. My hole yielded as I pushed
down. His finger slid slowly in to the first joint.My balls exploded. White-hot fire surged through my cock. I blog preteen fuck bucked
with each shot but Mike held nymph preteen fuck on for the ride.I pressed down harder on Mike's hole and felt it give. He thrust his
hips forward, preteen baby rompl driving his cock into my mouth. junior hot preteen
Hot salty cum sprayed
into me. Shot after shot drenched my tongue with ecstasy.My own cock continued to pump into Mike. My ring clamped against his
finger as preteen girls bbs
his jerked against mine. I allowed the warm cum in my mouth
to slide down my throat.Mike sprayed one last time, then lay throbbing in my mouth. I licked
the cum from the shaft, and felt Mike doing the same preteens kinder to me. His finger
finally withdrew from top preteen topless my ass. He shook as I slid free of his hole and
dragged my finger up his crack through the fur.His lips kinder preteen model schoolgirls preteen topsites
slid over my shaft, then released the softening head."Fuck that was amazing." he panted.Releasing his cock, I levered myself up and over to face him. Sweat
beaded on his face. Our lips locked. He llegal preteens swabbed my mouth, licking up
his cum. Forcing past him, I explored on my own, tasting the salt.Our bodies twined together. preteen boylove His burly arm pulled me into him. Our
dripping cocks ground together.We traded tongues back and forth over and over, only pausing pre teenyoung xxx for air.
Finally we couldn't take any more. Our heads leaned against each other
as we panted in complete satisfaction.
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