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From: Julio Garcia
Subject: Gay Male - Celebrity - Mew and Tong Part TwoThis preteen asian babes story does not reflect the sexual oreintation of Mario Maurer or
Witwisit Hiranyawongkul. This story is fiction.
I recommend that if you haven't seen the movie Love of Siam, that you do
and can download it at
Mario Maurer
Witwisit Hiranyawongkul
Any Comments and Critizism's can be preteen asian incest
sent to and Tong Part 2
A naked preteen stars Dream preteens nudity
Come True, A Fear Unmentioned Tong Dreamt enveloped in a deep warmth. He was holding Mew again that
night when they first kissed. It was warm, the night so quiet he pulled Mew
close, eyes staring deeply into one another, breath baited and tight with
hope childsex pedo preteen burning thumbnail sex preteen
brightly. As their lips were about to touch a sharp shriek
rings out. Tong turns instantly to his left, losing his hold on Mew, and
plunging his world into darkness. He blinks and finds himself surrounded by the women in his life
past and present. Donut is screaming and pointing accusingly at him. Though
he can't hear her he can understand that she is disgusted by him and is
screaming not at him but to everyone they know. He cringes, his public life
seeming to crumble around him. He sees Ying in a shadowed crowd behind
Donut crying deeply and harshly, staring at him accusingly, her hopes and
plans fading as she does, her broken heart leading her to a lonely and
painful death. Tong cries for himself and the pain he has caused
her. Lastly he sees his mother Sunee alone growing older bent and haggard
lost to her pride and at the loss of pedo porno preteens
her pride gay preteentgp and joy, a broken frame with
his and Mew's photo within preteen ls nn
lies next to her half empty glass and pills. He
keeps watching as she turns into dust lifting before him in a forlorn
flickering shadow that wavers and preteen chest pics disappears into the horizon leaving him
alone smooth nudes preteenz to grieve and weep. He spirals deeper into the darkness, mourning the
loss of his image, his friends, and his mother.Beep... Beep... Beep...A constant sound intrudes upon the silence...Beep... Beep... Beep...Tong opens his eyes and little preteen princess
searches the darkness for the sound grandpa fucking preteen and sees a
patch of light...Beep... Beep... Beep...He preteen toe models
walks towards it slowly, the light harsh to his eyes lost in the dark...Beep... Beep... Beep... As his vision slowly cleared up he sees a bed, preteen fuck bbs a white metal bed, and
the beeps starting getting louder. As he got closer he got the vague images
of machinery, of poles, of things standing, but the most important things
was the slight shadowed image of someone lying on the bed. As he got closer
everything became clear, and there he saw his father with his eyes closed
and his hands on his chest, an IV coming out of him, along with many
electronic wires and components, the beep... His heart monitor, slow and
steady but getting slower. Tong gets closer with tears in his eyes
completely confused. His father looks up at him, suddenly realizing that he's not
alone. Tong with his preteens in tights
hands on the metal railing of the bed just stands
there looking at him shaking. Tongs father reaches out and puts his hand on
top of his and says,"Tong what's wrong? Why are you topless preteen portal so scared?"Tong looks at him with tears in his eyes and just says,"I don't know who I preteen photos nonnude am anymore. I love someone I shouldn't be loving and
its going to destroy everything. My friends are going to hate me, I'm gonna
lose mom, I don't know what to do anymore. Men preteen jpg mpeg
don't like men, I can't be a
man. This is so wrong, but I can't stop how nude preteens xxx
I feel." He breaks into tears holding on to the railing for dear life, his
father reaches up, wipes a tear from his cheek and gently slaps him. Tong
completely confused to begin with feels it as if it would've been preteen pubic pics
baseball bat."You're not a man huh? Look at you, who's been supporting your mother while
I've been messing up? Who's been trying to hold the house together since
your sister disappeared? You've been doing your best. You want to protect
your family more than anything else, and you want to be happy. You want to
fight for that happiness. You want to do julia pics preteenpreteen 15 hot something litle nude preteen that goes against what
everyone else believes. You're going to stand up for what you believe in,
that's my russian sex preteen
son. My son the man; My God when did you grow up? asia preteen gallery I missed a lot
didn't I. Tong... Tong you're my son, I couldn't preteen hot photos be prouder of you no
matter what you do, as long as you always care about yourself, and care
about your family, and even care about Mew I'll always love you. I respect
my son the man; Stop worrying preteen soft about what they, what everyone, keeps trying
to say to you.As he says this the image of forum stories preteen Sunee, Donut and Ying, all show preteen porn top100
up but faded
and are fading faster. He looks at them, he stops crying preteen boypics and puts his hand
on top of his fathers."But I don't know how to be with Mew, I don't know what to do, I just I..."His father cuts him off"Shhhhh... Calm down... You think every man knows what to do with the
person he love right off the bat? Yea we have some stupid ideas, and
there's a lot of mistakes, but if the person you're with love you, you'll
go through those mistakes together and you'll learn what it takes to make
each other happy. Then someday, out of the blue, you'll be happy, you'll be
very very happy..."He breaks off with a rasping preteen pedo shock cough."You have preteens pornmovies mpeg to take care of sex preteen comic
yourself, because in the end if you're not happy,
what's the point of living. I was so unhappy for so long and I let it tear
me apart. Tong if you found... if you found the man that you love, that
makes you happy, then let him make you happy. I want you to be happy my
son." He raises his hand and gently rubs Tongs cheek and slaps him just a
bit harder than before and tells him,"But if you don't make Mew happy then you and me are going to have words." Tong with preteen top litle his eyes glistening and giant smile on his face, grasps his
father's hand and looks out at the women all of which have stood against
him on this, and all of which have inspired him to continue to do this, to
love Mew, and they fade away and with them the fears that they
instigated. Tong video sample preteen looks down at his father who doesn't fade preteens panties forums
as much as he
just becomes so bright that he's no longer there. Tong feels his grief crash preteens angels magazinepreteen boy porn over him, and he doesn't know what to do,
it's just holding him so hard and fast. But he knows he wants to be happy
and he knows that he can be happy and still be Normal. But he's alone,
here in the dark. galleries preteen naked But he feels it, warmth on his chest, a steady warmth, a
heart beating with his and arms holding him, yet he's standing alone in the
dark. He starts reaching out for that feeling and begins to get lifted up
faster than he can possibly imagine until he finally opens his eyes and
he's laying there in the room with Mews head on preteen hot bodies
his chest, his arm wrapped
around him, and Mew's arms tightly holding him. The warm breath as Mew
breathed in and out against Tongs chest. Tong feels the left over tears
drying on his eyelids and he can't help it, he leans down and kisses Mew on
the forehead and takes his right hand and just slides it up Mew's ribcage
and hugs him close. Mew murmuring in his sleep starts trying to adjust to
the slightly ticklish sensation and to the shifting on the bed with
him. Tong smiling down at his love holds him tighter but gets a sort of
hitch in his heart when he starts thinking about the future, and the fears
rush up to consume him and he mistakenly grabs Mew tighter who wakes up
with a yelp. Mew lifting his left arm knocking sleep out his eyes looks up at
Tong, at his truly scared expression, at the tears just falling from his
eyes he says,"Tong, what's wrong? Are you ok? Tong talk to me." And with that he sits up preteens anal pictures and presses his forehead to the side of
Tongs forehead, rubbing his chest, kissing his cheek, catching the
teardrops on his nose and rubbing it all over his cheek. Tong looks at him
through the side of his eye and moves his head so that their foreheads are
touching and tells Mew,"I'm so scared Mew, I don't know how to be your boyfriend. I'm so scared of
what's going to happen when everyone finds out. I just never did this
before. I know no matter what, we'll do this together, I just... I don't
want to do this wrong. I don't want to mess up and lose you somehow..." And with that Mew leans in and kisses him, stroking his cheek with
his left hands and tells him,"You're not going preteen girl lesbian to lose me, I just got you and I'm keeping you forever. I
don't know how to do this either. I know what I dream preteen cgi boards about, I don't know
if it's right, but I know I want to do everything with you, be everything
for you. I never want to stop loving you, holding you, kissing you. You're
like a song that I want to listen to for the rest of my life." With that Mew starts peppering kisses all over 16yo nude preteen Tongs face, wiping
away tears with his hand, his lips, with his nose. Kissing his forehead,
his eyelids, and Tong just smiles. His smile gets bigger and bigger, wider
and wider. Here is the man that he loves, the man who dreams about
him... *Dreams about me,* Tong thinks. He looks at Mew and pulls away from
the kisses and gives him that little skeptical half smile and says,"So you dream about me?" Mew suddenly caught off guard with the question looks at him and
says,"What are you talking about?" Tong readjusts himself so african preteen slut
that he's fully facing, bodily facing
Mew, and says,"You just said you dream about me and us doing stuff." cute preteen boys Mew suddenly blushing looks at Tong,"Yea well maybe once or twice..." Tongs leans in and gently pushes Mew on the bed, he take his right
leg and puts it in between Mews and gently holds Mew down as he says,"So... What naked preteens boys did you dream about? What do you want to do?" Mew Completely caught off guard and russian preteenie pussy
looking like a dear in headlights
says,"I don't know stuff..." and looks down sheepishly. Tong not letting him preteens pedo nymphet get away with it and leans preteen hairless ladies
down and uses his
lips to raise Mew's eyes to face his by gently kissing his chin and pushing
it up..."Don't you ever be embarrassed when you think about us, no matter what it
is. That's the first thing preteen model barefoot we have to work on," and Mew smiling with thumbs nude preteens his
eyes glittering just nods and licks his lips and spontaneously says,"I wanna feel you, I mean not all over, not yet but I always imagined what
it would feel like to just touch you," Tong looking confused says,"Well you're touching me now, I'm holding you, you're holding me," Mew
shakes his head and stutteringly says,"I want to touch your chest, I wanna feel your heartbeat..." he swallows,
"without your clothes, your shirt," he corrects himself really quick. Tong looking at him smiles and says "Is that it? Is that all?" With
that he gets on his knees very quickly making sure not to put too much
pressure on Mew gigi model preteen straddles his right leg and pearl models preteen
while staring at him he reaches
for the bottom of his shirt and slowly starts pulling it up. As the shirt
slides up over his flat stomach Mew is held completely enthralled. He sees
the completely flat stomach, with the belly button, and the abs just coming
in, the preteen virgin panties gently curve of the ribcage as it angles up pointing at his upper
chest. Tong pulls his girl preteen toplist shirt preteens teens videos over his face exposing his well developed and
formed upper body. His pectorals tight and his nipples hard with excitement
and exposure to the chill air; Mew is in awe, here's met preteen art the man that he loves,
this milky white Adonis who Mew thought in the back of his mind *Man he
definitely needs a tan.* bbs list preteen
Smiling to the point of sheer salivation he
watches his boyfriend strip. Without even thinking and without waiting for
Tong to completely remove his shirt off he reaches up and starts sliding
his right hand along Tongs stomach. Mew, although hard with Tong there and
straddling his preteen sex galery
leg, became even harder, his 7 inch cock swelling to its
full and thickest potential. While Tong completely shocked by the slight
touch from Mew that sent a lightning strike through his body freezes and
begins to breath hard, his own 8 inches blazingly and preteen models artistic painfully hard and
held within the confines of his pants. Tong begins to art nymphets preteens hyperventilate with
the shirt over face and breathing so hard and fast. Mew is lost in his own world, both his vombat models preteen hands are now stroking up
and down Tongs chest, along his sides and up his stomach, feeling his
ridges that are still gently but firmly forming. The hard muscle underneath
trying to push its way through. Tong stands there shaking and thinking *OMG
I never knew it could be like this...* Mew slides his hands up Tongs chest
and as he reaches Tongs pectorals he grazes against both of Tongs nipples
at the same time and Tong begins to shake uncontrollably. Tong pleads in
his mind *God, Mew don't ever stop touching me...* Mew finally realizing
the effect that he's having on Tong, preteen kinky model
strokes both nipples again at the same
time and smiles when best nonude preteens
he sees Tong shaking violently, he raises his right
hand and keeps stroking and pinching Tongs left nipple, and using his left
hand, Mew reaches around for Tongs back and using it as leverage pulls
himself up and without any thought begins to suckle on Tongs right
nipple. Within seconds Tongs spasms out to the point that he ends up
pushing Mew's mouth preteen vicky vid
off his chest and Mew leans back smiling onto the bed
with Tong following after him, still with his shirt covering his face and
mouth, and his hands up in the air, but his face right next to Mew's
breathing so hard and so fast. Mew wanting to see his lovers face at this
time, pulls the shirt off of Tong, and once Tongs face is clear Mew looks
at his panting face and smiles to himself thinking *I made that happen,
mand Mew leans back preteen nude lists
smiling onto the bed with Tong following after him,
still with his shirt covering his face and mouth, and his hands up in the
air, but his face right next to Mew's breathing so hard and so fast. Mew
wanting to see his lovers face at this time, pulls the shirt off of Tong,
and once Tongs face is clear Mew looks at his panting face and smiles to
himself thinking *I made that happen, my god he's beautiful and he's mine*
He bites his lip and leans in and kisses Tong on the lips. Tong still breathing heavy, holds his lips gently against Mews. As
the kiss gets even more heated Mews right hand caresses Tongs back pulling
him tight against him, his left hand stroking gay boys preteens
his lovers face. Tong finally
recovering, takes his right hand and thumbnails preteen naked slides it to the base of Mew's shirt,
gently pushing his way under to graze Mew's preteen erotic porn belt and lay his hand flat on
his lovers stomach. When nud preteen pics Mew feels the contact of his lovers touch, he
seems to purr and growl his approval. The warmth is unbelievable, Mew felt
like he was on fire and Tongs hands wanted to explore. He rises up on to
his knees slightly and using both hands, while still passionately lip
locked with Mew, slides both his hand beneath Mew's shirt and caresses his
lovers stomach. Mew moan into Tongs mouth, sliding his tongue into Tongs
mouth which he dutifully begins to gently suck on as he slides his hands up
Mews sides using his thumbs to push the offending shirt up. He grazes over
Mews rib and Mew can't help but giggle and squirm as he gets tickled, but
moans deeply as his shirt grazes his nipples. Tong smiles, preteen bbs photos
knowing that
vengeance was his. He swiftly pushes Mew's shirt up and over his face
forcing his arms up over his head which Tong holds in place with his right
hand. Mew arches his body, anticipating what is about to happen, trying to
get as much contact with Tong as possible. Tong seeing this as an
exceedingly good sign, lets his lips travel down to Mews flat and
beautifully tanned stomach. He looks up from his tasting and sees his
tanned beauty bbs guestbook preteens
lying before him, chest and stomach not overly muscular but
most definitely delectable. He nibbles and bites his way up Mew's chest,
licking along both lines of his ribs, until he reaches his place of
vengeance where he dives in sucking and licking hard at preteens illegal pictures Mew's nipples
making him arch more and scream on in a guttural tone of love and
lust. Mew's breath begins to catch in his throat, breathing faster preteen painties pics and
faster. Tong living love bites preteen tgp sweet
on one nipple's jumps to the other and does
the same. Tong smiles harder when he feels Mew's manhood hard against his
thigh and leans up to pull off preteen mini bikiny Mew's shirt the rest of the way. holiday preteen nude Mew's naked preteens foto
face completely comes to light as Tong looks into his lovers
eyes and see the most powerful love and the most bestial lust he's ever
seen and it turns him on even more. They grab at each other's faces pulling
the other into a deep and passionate kiss. Mew pulls Tongs down on top of
him and being on the bottom grabs at Tongs back, scratching and pulling
begging Tong to press his chest against his. With Tong being illegal preteen password on top he had
both his hands and arms to the preteen nonude modells side of Mew's head, he begins pulling at his
neck and hair holding the kiss in place, making, wanting, it to go deeper
and harder and never end. Both boys locked in the remainder of their
clothing, their respective inches begging for attention but both so scared
to move to that point begin at first to gently grind against each other,
both into the others right leg. Both realizing preteens cuties funny
what's going on, afraid to
touch, begin to gyrate alt nude preteens
against one another, preteens amateur moving their bodies until they
become in tune with each other, jerking each other off in this wondrous dry
humping fashion. Breathing porn and preteens into each other's mouths, panting more and more
, clawing at each other, begging in their own silent cute nude preteens breaths to please the
other and themselves. They grind harder against each other, Tong on top,
wanting and needing to make Mew happy, Mew on the bottom, wanting to feel
closer to his love. The fabric of their underwear and jeans keep rubbing
against their cocks, the heat being generated by their bodies slowly
coalescing throughout their beings. Sweat punctures their skin and they
both begin to glisten in the moonlight streaming through the window. Tong
and Mew not wanting to break off the kiss, but Tong wanted, needed to taste
his boyfriend, beings to lick and suck at Mew's neck and shoulder tasting
the flavor that preteen spanking videos is Mew in his sweat, his salty latino preteen incest
Mew scented sweat. He begins
to grind harder and faster, both coming closer and closer, Tong listening
to his boyfriends rasping breath knowing that he's preteensex cumshot close, begins to rub
harder and faster as fast as he can wanting preteen paysite videos to cum alongside his
boyfriend. free preteen thumb Mew suddenly grabs Tongs arms thumb preteen nude
and squeezes so hard and growls
out a moan of such heated lust that just sparks something inside of Tong,
with the pain in his arms, the taste of his love, and the exclamation preteen nympho movies of
passion shy preteen dolls
from his man, all conspiring to make his preteen picture galleis balls open up and unleash
the beast. dreamwiz cgiworld preteen
They both in the heat of that wondrous moment blow their pent up and
completely frustrated loads into their respective pants. Poor Mew, so
stressed out and not preteen thai girls
having too much of a chance to think about anything
super sexual unleashes a healthy and hardy 7 loads and a sustained drizzle
into his briefs and Tong who'd been dreaming about this day and jerking off
just slightly more than Mew, released his own ample 5 loads into his
boxers. They both shake and shudder against each other, holding on for dear
life, and when it's over they're breathing harder than if they would've run
a marathon. Mew is the first to look at his boyfriend and says,"That was unbelievable, OMG that was unbelievable," Panting the entire
time. Tong still at a loss for words leans down and bites into his
boyfriends shoulder and looks up at Mew and says, "Intimate enough for you
my love?" Mew smiles at his love and nods. Tong almost to the point of
exhaustion looks at his boyfriend and says this was preteen girls fucked
only the beginning my
love, my beautiful song bird, my Mew..." Leaning in to kiss his deeply he
says "Merry Christmas baby..." And with that he snuggles down into Mew
laying on top of preteen photo headshots him and laying right arm over him and hugging him close,
while Mew hugs Tongs with both his arms, they fall asleep and his time to
restful, wondrous, and slightly pornographic dreams.
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