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Steve Rose
Subject: Martin Roberts Investigates - 7 (part 1)DISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story
exist and the events that take place are purely
imaginary. This is a detective story with sexual
overtones. I hope that you like this as a piece of
WARNING:Do not read this story if you are in any way offended
by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for
accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.
MARTIN ROBERTS INVESTIGATESChapter 7On his way home, Martin called in at the local
maternity hospital and saw Mark who was looking
somewhat stressed. Mark told Martin that progress was
slow and that the midwife had told him that it would
be several hours before the baby arrived. Martin
sympathised and asked Mark to telephone with any news
when he had a moment. He then left Mark and went on
home, where he and Tom spent a quiet evening together
before they went to bed early. As usual on petite young boys such
evenings Martin and Tom made love quietly and slowly,
expressing their mutual desire and achieving almost
simultaneous release. Tom fell asleep quickly but
Martin remained restless for some while as anxiety
about the case and concern for Mark and Ruth prevented
him from dropping off. Eventually, he did forum young fuck so but slept
fitfully, waking several times before the shrill ring
of the telephone brought him and Tom back to full
consciousness. Intuition told Martin that the call
would be from Mark but he was still rather anxious as
he lifted the receiver. Martin's intuition proved to
be correct and he heard a rather excited Mark speak
down the wires,"It's a boy, sir. We're going to call him David
Benjamin, after my father and young tities Ruth's. He's nearly
eight pounds and he's got a good pair of lungs on him.
He's perfect in every way. You and Tom are welcome to
come to see him. I think Ruth will be here at least a
couple more days.""Congratulations, Mark and I think when we're not on
duty you could call me Martin you know. Tom and I will
try to pop in to see the new arrival sometime later
today. Give Ruth our very best wishes and
congratulations to you both and a big welcome to young
David Benjamin Jamieson!!"Tom, who had been standing next to Martin and heard
most of the conversation, also shouted his
congratulations and best wishes before Mark rang off.
Tom looked enquiringly at martin and said,"It's too early to wet the baby's head, I suppose?""No it isn't, I got some champagne especially for this
purpose so let's have a glass or two of Buck's Fizz
for breakfast. I've a feeling that this will be the
best opportunity to celebrate today. The rest of the
day isn't going to be all that good."Martin was right on this score. He and hot young lesbian
Tom had wet the
baby's head and were preparing little young pic
to go to work when the
papers arrived. The headlines in both young son
the tabloids and
the broadsheets gave Martin little competent as they
used a range of uncomplimentary adjectives to describe
the handling of the 'gay young boy orgasm serial killer case' by the
team as a whole and Martin in particular. Each paper
in its own way was demanding swifter action, and early
arrests young coconut but without really offering any real
suggestions as to how either could be achieved. Martin
knew that young nonude galleries his superiors at Scotland Yard would want
him to 'face the music' and hold another press
conference. This time he would be on his own, the top
brass would have run for cover leaving him exposed to
the inevitable criticism from the press.Before he left home, Martin telephoned the Scotland
Yard press office and they agreed the arrangements for
the press conference Neil young imagine and a time to discuss his initial
statement. Then Martin spoke to his immediate superior
who confirmed that backdoor teens young he would not attend the press
conference. On the other hand, rather in the way that
football club chairmen feel obliged to give a ringing
vote of confidence to a manager whose tenure is about
to come to and end, the Commander expressed his full
confidence in Martin and his enquiry team. Although
this may have been a less than ringing endorsement
Martin was sure of several things. First he was the
best man for the job as he had the confidence of the
gay community to a far greater extent than any other
police officer. Second, and equally important he had
the confidence of his enquiry team who were working as
hard as they could to uncover evidence and follow up
leads. Finally, Martin did not believe that anyone
could give stronger leadership, although he did admit
to himself and to others that some of the surveillance
work had been inefficient and ineffective. As the head
of the investigation he took responsibility for this
failure, although the officers concerned had also felt
the full weight of Martin's displeasure.Although he tried hard to do so, Martin could not
avoid the photographers and press that were waiting
for his arrival at Scotland Yard. He told them that he
had no comment to make at that time but that a press
conference would take place later in the morning.
After a few minutes checking on any overnight
developments and talking through with Bob Andrews the
plan for the day, Martin went off to the press office.
A bland but not entirely negative draft statement had
been prepared in which Martin would emphasise the
complexities of the case and the random nature of the
murders, the new evidence that had emerged since his
television appearance and the appeal for any other new
witnesses to come forward. Martin added his own few
touches, including a word of sympathy to the families
of those that had died so violently and in such
unpleasant circumstances. In addition, Martin gave his
personal reassurance that police did have a number of
avenues to investigate and were doing all they could
to prevent another murder and catch the killer. In the
course of the press conference Martin reiterated his
warning to the gay community to be on its guard and
was later forced to rather reluctantly acknowledge
that his team had interviewed a number of potential
suspects. Martin rounded off the press conference by
saying that all of those interviewed so far had
cooperated voluntarily with the police and none had
been charged with any offence. The final inevitable
question over whether he anticipated an early arrest,
Martin pretended not to hear and left the press
briefing room to a battery of flash bulbs.Back in his office, Martin called Bob Matthews back
into his office. Bob said he thought Martin had done
as well as could be expected at the press conference.
Martin was not taken in by this vote of confidence nor
was he by the praise he received from the Commander,
who dropped in briefly before he and Bob could get
down to the main issues they had to discuss. Martin
knew that time was running out and he needed to show
real progress or he would lose control of the
investigation. After the Commander left, Martin told
Bob that he wanted to discuss the background
information the Inspector had gathered on the suspects
and also his proposed visit to Cardiff, now scheduled
for the following day.The first item of business was the dossier that Bob
Matthews had prepared giving background information on
each of the four main suspects. As expected the
information on Graeme Adams was by far young asian nonude and away the
most detailed. As a well-known show biz personality
his own accounts and profiles of his life were
numerous. Bob had not had a great deal of difficulty
in bringing together all the details of his short but
very eventful life. As he gave Martin the highlights,
Bob was aware that there was little new or revealing
coming out of what he had acquired. He had, he was
forced to admit, not spent too much time on some of
the issues but had checked out important facts and
found nothing to contradict the account. There were
criminal convictions and, apart from the odd fines for
parking and speeding offences, no criminal record of
any sort.It had to be said that the same was true about the
remaining three suspects. None of these had a criminal
record of any kind. In the case of these three there
was little on the public record either. Nevertheless
Bob had used his contacts and his thoroughness to
produce a small potted life history of all three of
them. He gave Martin a full summary his findings on
the suspects as the two officers sat drinking coffee.
Their life stories with a more complete file on each
were dealt with in alphabetical order.Peter Collins was the youngest of three children; his
elder brother and sister were quite a lot older than
he was and he had effectively been an only child.
Peter had been average at school until he discovered
an aptitude for maths and had begun to develop more
fully. He was a keen soccer player and had represented
both his primary and his secondary school, playing as
a forward. Peter left school at sixteen, went on to a
local college in the South London borough where he
lived and had gained additional qualifications there.
After College Peter went straight into the world of
work. He had started as an office worker but had
gradually moved over into sales and was now a senior
sales executive covering much of young couple ing England and Wales
selling office equipment. At the age of thirty, Peter
Collins had married a local girl after a whirlwind
romance but the couple had no children. The couple
lived in a paid-for house in the commuter belt area of
Essex, Mrs Collins being far brighter and richer than
he husband, having a career in the financial sector.
Bob Matthews' reports on Peter Collins concluded by
observing that it might be thought that his marriage
was a matter of mutual convenience. Possible motives
for murder might be to keep his bi-sexual/gay
relationships from his very rich wife, but this, the
report concluded, was a fairly weak justification for
serial killing.Martin and Bob discussed the summary for a few moments
but Martin was inclined to agree with the Inspector
that if this was all there was it did young incest rape
not provide much
evidence pointing towards Peter Collins' guilt.
However, he said that he would like more digging into
the couple's life history and he would read the
detailed report on the train to Cardiff the next day.
As he often pointed out in other circumstances, an
obvious point can easily be overlooked and teeny young porn
it's in the
detail that the clues may appear.The pair then turned their attention to Joe Smith. The
report on Joe Smith was much shorter. Joe was an only
child and lived with his mother in the house that she
had owned since before he was born. It was not clear
whether the father had ever young teens tpg
been married to Joe's
mother or not but all the evidence indicated he was
not around for very long. Joe was not a bright child
and had few academic qualifications, leaving school at
the earliest opportunity. As a young man, Joe had been
involved in weight training at a local gym youngest illegal teens but had not
pursued this even after a promising start. His other
aptitude was motor vehicles: he had passed his driving
test first time, had developed skills as a motor
mechanic and young gay defloration ended up driving for a living. He had set
up his own one-man, one van lorry business about a
decade ago and took on jobs mainly in the area south
of Birmingham and in the west of England and Wales,
but sometimes in Europe. He travelled frequently and
had a steady workload. He young teenie photos
had never married and now
looked after his fairly elderly mother although the
old lady appeared to be in good health. Whether the
mother was aware of Joe's sexual preferences was
unclear but Bob's report concluded that Joe was an
unlikely killer as he had little to lose from exposure
as a gay man. Once again, Martin was forced to agree
that based on what he had Girl so young been told there was little
to suggest that Joe Smith was their man, but again he
wanted to read the more detailed report. Again, Martin
also asked Bob to continue to dig around to see if he
could find anything more and preferably new.Finally, they turned to Ed Wilson. Ed Wilson's report
suggested that he was a loner. He was again an only
child but a bright and intelligent boy who had been
academically able and, unlike the other suspects, had
a university degree. After leaving University in Bath,
Ed had moved into the world of business as a sales
executive and had a whole region under his management.
His area now covered the central southern England and
stretched as far to the west as Cornwall. He was
unmarried and lived alone to the young nudist naturist
south west of London.
When the telephone rang, the Inspector had just begun
to explain to Martin that details on Ed were rather
less thoroughly researched than on the others because
he had only recently been added as a suspect. Martin
nodded his understanding and said quietly as he
answered the phone that he wanted wery young 15yo Bob to keep digging
as with the others but that he take young russians naked with him what
there was on his journey to Cardiff.The phone call was from Tom to young cunts tgp remind Martin that they
had guests that evening for dinner and asking his
partner to collect some groceries and wine on his way
home. Martin had planned to call in to see Mark and
Ruth's new baby and hoped that Tom would come too. Tom
replied that he could pop in for a few minutes
provided Martin had all the shopping. Martin glanced
at sexe young nude
the clock and said that that would be fine. Martin
picked up the dossiers that Bob Matthews had left for
him, spoke briefly to the Inspector to indicate what
he wanted the investigating team to do in his absence
and then young petite girl left the office. It did not take long to
complete hot young guys the shopping and Martin was henry young alcatraz soon on his way
to the hospital to see the baby. Later that evening,
himself, Tom, and their guests, a lesbian couple and
two other gay partners would debate the question of
children. They had formed a dining club meeting every
month in each other's houses in rotation. Tonight was
Martin and Tom's turn. In the meantime after he had
completed his shopping, Martin made his forced young way to the
hospital and found that Tom was already there. Martin
had bought a cuddly toy for the baby and some flowers
and Tom had similarly bought some flowers. young russians girls They made
their way up to the ward. They saw through the door
that Ruth was lying in bed and was attended by Mark
and what looked like various adoring grandparents. The
pair hesitated but decided to go on in. As they
approached the bedside, Martin and Tom were greeted by
a smiling Mark and a weary but happy look from Ruth.
Beside the bed in a small cot was the object of
everyone's attention: young David Benjamin Jamieson.Martin shook Mark by the hand and then leaned over to
kiss Ruth's cheek. Then Tom young pic did the same before the
need for introductions became a priority. The first
introduction was to the new arrival. This was followed
by introductions to Ruth's parents, whom Martin had
never met. Benjamin and Rose Salmon shook Martin's
hand warmly and said how much they had heard about him
from both Mark and Ruth and how pleased they were to
meet him at long last. Tom was also introduced
although ukranian young his reception was somewhat more muted than
Martin's had been. After that Martin said hello to
Mark's parents whom he had met previously although on
only one or young pic post two occasions and then only briefly and
Tom not at all. The present were handed over and a
short conversation took place before Martin and Tom
decided they should leave, a decision prompted by some
loud cries from the baby as he woke up from bukkake young japan
his sleep.When they arrived back home after the visit to the
hospital, Tom turned to Martin and said,"I didn't know Mark Jamieson was Jewish."Martin looked surprised and replied,"He isn't, but his wife is, as I am sure you realised
when you met her parents. I don't know that the family
is very religious and I'm sure that Ruth is not a
practising Jew."Tom nodded and said nothing for a moment or two and
then nudist top young
looked at Martin as said,"Does that mean the baby might escape suffering 'the
unkindest cut of all'?""I don't know, probably not, Tom, bit I never thought
you thought of circumcision in those terms, after all
I'm cut and you've never commented on it."Now it was Tom's turn to look surprised and he leaned
over and began to fondle Martin's groin tenderly,"I was half joking, Marty. You know I love everything
about you and especially I love this dick of yours."Tom unzipped Martin's trousers and slowly extracted
his partner's hardening erection and kissed it all
over before he swallowed it between his lips. Martin
lay back in the chair and watched as Tom expertly
engulfed his prick right up to his balls. Tom was well
practised in oral sex and knew how to bring Martin to
the point of now return very quickly. Martin had not
expected this treatment and his usual efforts to
control himself were set aside along with the need to
hurry as they still had a meal to prepare for their
guests. Tom knelt between Martin's legs and sucked him
hard and wanking his own cock at the same time. Martin
began to feel the first signs of inevitable orgasm and
made no effort to control it. With his prick deeply
lodged in Tom's mouth and throat Martin unleashed his
spunk and Tom greedily swallowed it. Moments later
Tom's own body convulsed as his cock began to shoot
jets of ball cream from its piss slit. Tom had
swallowed all of Martin's cum but his own lay
splattered on the floor and, as soon as they were
sufficiently recovered, the two lovers set about
cleaning up and preparing the meal.Martin and Tom's dinner party went off well although
to Martin's surprise when the conversation got round
to children Tom had pronounced himself interested in
having a child of his own. Half jokingly one of young pics pretten the
women suggested that they could have a baby as
surrogate mothers. This somewhat surreal conversation
continued for a youngest porn girl while but it left Martin deeply
concerned. Like young schoolgirl incest Tom he had reconciled himself to
having no children but he still found the possibility
of a child an interesting one. He was too bound up
with the case at the moment but this was an issue he
wanted to return to. After their guests had left
Martin said as much to Tom but their conversation was
rather truncated. This was because Martin needed to
prepare for his trip to Cardiff, which involved an
early start, and Tom also needed to have an early
night, as he was due in court on a major case starting
the following day.The following young virgin schoolgirls
morning Martin and porn with young
Tom left together,
although each was going in a different direction.
Martin wished Tom young petite vids good luck for his case and Tom
reciprocated that he hoped that Martin's journey to
Cardiff would be fruitful. Tom was anxious that Martin
was feeling the strain of case and hoped that he would
soon be able to solve the mystery. To all outward
appearances Martin looked and sounded fine but he was
also aware that he was having problems sleeping and
that the inability to get a breakthrough was beginning
to eat away at him inside. He had high hopes of his
trip to Cardiff and his prospective meeting with Davy
Williams. Martin could have gone to Wales by car but
he disliked long car journeys especially if he had to
drive and chose to travel by train instead. On the
train Martin, who had upgraded himself to First Class
and had been that the train had been so crowded even
in these expensive carriages, took time to read the
detailed dossiers on all four of his main suspects.
The dossiers were very thorough and detailed as might
have been expected from anything Bob Matthews had
worked on but they did young midget
not really provide anything of
enormous value.The journey to Cardiff was relatively free young modles
speedy and
Martin took a taxi from the railway station to the
Police Headquarters. There he was handed the files
from the unsolved murder of Darren Evans. At the time
of his death Darren had been a teenager, almost
nineteen years old and just left school. The body had
been found in some woodland outside the city about six
years before. The victim was believed to have been
killed some months if not a year or so before it was
discovered. The victim had been wearing some clothing
the remnants of which had helped to identify him and
confirmation of his identity had come from dental
records. The most unusual aspect of the case was that
the victim's genitals had been partially removed.
Initially due to decomposition this had been thought
to have been the result of some animal or other
natural cause but at the post mortem examination the
pathologist had found evidence of a knife being used.
The case had been handed over for investigation to
Inspector David Williams but progress had been slow
and gradually other young porn russia
investigations had become more
pressing. Thus, as the months had gone by, the
investigation had been scaled down. When Williams
retired the case was left open but placed on the
inactive list. It was believed that the retired
Inspector had continued to investigate young exploited teens the matter up
until the time of his retirement. The key problem for
the investigation had been the lack of witnesses along
with the lapse of time between the murder and the
discovery of the body. Until the post mortem which
confirmed that the victim had been suffocated and the
knife wounds round the genitals had been found, there
were some officer that had doubted that the victim had
been murdered, believing instead that he might have
died of exposure.The files showed that Inspector Williams had pursued a
line of enquiry that had revealed a lot about the
victim but not much about the killer or the motive for
the murder. Martin read the files thoroughly but
decided that he would prefer to very young schoolgirl hear the full story
directly from Davy Williams. The Cardiff police were
most obliging and organised transport to take him to
the retired Inspector's home. As Martin got out of the
car he noticed a slight twitch of the curtains and
moments later the door of the bungalow was opened and
a small, man with a beaming smile stood waiting to
greet him. Davy young russia xxx
Williams and his wife Kitty lived in
comfortable retirement and their home was well
furnished and the chairs in their living room were
very comfortable. After the formalities of introducing
themselves were over, Kitty bustled off to the kitchen
to make tea and Martin and Davy got down to business.
Much of what the retired police officer told Martin
was already in the files but he preferred to hear it
for himself. In a rather beautiful lilting accent,
Davy young girl webcam
told Darren's story.Darren Evans was a very bright young man. He was a
high flyer at school and his teachers and parents were
very proud of his academic achievements, especially
the knowledge that he was heading for Oxford. But
Darren was not only bright he was also a keen athlete,
diving and swimming being his particular interest.
Indeed Darren had represented the school and the
county at diving and was regarded as a potential
international. Whilst Darren's mother had been more
proud of his academic success, Darren's father had
been overjoyed by his son's athletic abilities. As
expected Darren had gained a large number of top grade
passes in his GCSE exams at sixteen and had moved into
the Advanced level studies without difficulty.At about this time, however, things began to go wrong.
Darren stopped going to the swimming training at the
local club. Initially Darren had told his mother, but
not his father of his decision, citing the heavier
workload of his new studies as a reason. Darren was
not a good liar and his mother japanese younger nude suspected that there
were other reasons for this decision. Mrs Evans had
always been close to her son and suspected that diving
had been abandoned because he had a girlfriend who
wanted him to spend time with her rather than going to
swimming and diving training. When Darren finally told
his mother the real reason she was shocked: Darren had
given up his promising diving career because he had
strong feelings for one of the other boys in the club
and he was embarrassed by his desires. Darren had
chosen not to see the boy, who apparently felt
similarly about him, rather than cause problems with
the coach. This revelation was the first indication
that either parent had that Darren was gay. Darren
knew that his father would react very negatively to
such a revelation and begged his mother not to reveal
the secret, a promise that she kept. In fact, the
discovery that Darren was no longer pursuing his
diving career came out as a result of a casual meeting
between Darren's father and the swimming coach. On
hearing the news that Darren had not been to diving
practice young blonde boys
for several months, the father had stormed
home and demanded an explanation. Once again Darren
tried the subterfuge of suggesting that he had too
much work to do from school but this story also fell
apart quite quickly. Eventually the truth came out and
his father threw Darren out of the family home.Darren was now in his final year at school and was a
resourceful young man. After leaving home, he had
quickly found a room at a local hostel. Darren
remained at the hostel until after he had sat his
exams. He told various people at the hostel that he
hoped to take a holiday and would return to collect
his exam results later in the summer. Darren left the
hostel one night in early July saying that he had met
someone and that he was leaving with this person and
going for a holiday but would be back in mid-August
when the exam results came through. He was never seen
alive after that date. Darren was not reported missing
for some time although his mother ukrainian young ladies
had begun to worry
when young lezbo he young lolas pics did not return in august and the hostel had
concerns as well. However as the mother thought he was
at the hostel younger 16 pics and the hostel thought he might have
returned home after his holiday. Thus neither side
communicated their concerns to the other. Darren's
mother was surprised that she did not hear directly
how her son had done in his examinations. She knew he
had done well enough to go to Oxford and that he was
scared to come home because of his father's temper but
she had hoped he would have contacted her somehow. It
was not until she was contacted by Oxford University
in early October that Darren's mother reported her son
as missing. A police investigation started but there
was no trace to be found, to all intents and purposes,
Darren Evans had completely disappeared. It was not
until some eighteen months later that a body was
discovered and identified young porn anal as that of lovely young nudist Darren Evans.The condition of the body when found, the remnants of
clothing left on the remains and the amount of
decomposition suggested that Darren had been killed at
about the same time as he had left the hostel. Police
began an intensive search to try to find out the
identity of the mystery person that Darren had
intended to meet. Davy Williams sighed deeply as he
recounted his efforts and those of his fellow officers
and the growing frustration that they felt when they
could find no evidence of the existence of such a
person.Martin had listened intently to this account and
leaned forward to ask a question."Thank you for that, Davy but can I ask you a few
questions?"Davy nodded and Martin continued,"Do you think that Darren had help finding the hostel
after he was thrown out of his home?"Davy shook his head,"No, he was a clever and resourceful child young nudist boy. He might
even have had a contingency plan. After all, he had no
way of telling when the truth about him would come
out."Martin nodded in agreement and then asked,"Did Darren tell anyone apart Bud fresh young from his mother where he
was staying and why?""Well, Martin, he told his tutor at school but only
the bit about the falling out over his leaving the
diving training. He may have told her more but she
never passed that on to me and I never pressed the
point.""Thanks for that, Davy. Now a big question, was Darren
sexually active do you think?""Probably but he was very discreet. The boy he had
feelings for was interviewed and he admitted that they
had mutually masturbated each other a couple of times.
This was just before Darren left the group. The lad
was unclear as to why his relationship with Darren
came to such an abrupt halt but he never saw him
again. I wondered if he was the one that Darren was
going to meet but records confirm that at the time of
Darren's death he was at a swimming gala in North
Wales and stayed on for a few weeks holiday after
that. I suppose that Darren might have remained
celibate after he left home but I doubt it, don't you?
On the other hand, there was never any hint of
anything going on at the hostel. It seemed OK and the
vice boys were satisfied that it was well run, if you
know what I mean."Martin did know exactly what Davy was hinting at and
said so before saying,"One final question. Given that you think it likely
that Darren was having sex somewhere and with person
or persons unknown I assume that you do think there
really was someone that Darren intended to meet the
night he disappeared and that it was definitely not an
excuse just to get away?"Davy's answer was unsurprising,"Although I could find no evidence of the existence of
this person, I am convinced that they did exist and
that it was someone able to lure Darren away possibly
with the promise of a sexual relationship. The lad was
murdered after all and his family, the only other
likely suspects, had a cast iron alibi. At the time of
their son's death, they were in Spain on a package
holiday. They went there the day before Darren left
the hostel and returned two weeks later. Not free porn young
only that
but they had over a hundred witnesses to support them.
So, if not the parents, who? My answer is simple: I am
convinced that there was someone that Darren intended
to meet and go away with and that, in all likelihood,
the person he met killed him. young goth pic Maybe it was for his
money or for some other reason. Personally I doubt the
money angle because Darren did not have much, but what
other motive there was I never could determine.""I think you're probably right, Davy. I've read the
file and reached much the same conclusion but I wonder
if you have any other pieces of information that you
turned up that didn't find their way young japanese pic into the file?
I'm told you continued to probe after the initial
investigation was closed down.""Not a lot, I'm afraid Martin, but I have got a small
box of things that I kept, including some stuff from
Darren's hostel room. Would you like to see that?"Martin nodded and Davy led the way to a smaller room
that acted as a kind of den and the older man rummaged
around for several moments before finding what he was
looking for. Davy produced a small container, the size
of a shoebox and handed it to Martin. Then the pair
walked back to the more comfortable seating in the
lounge. Before he could investigate the contents,
Kitty had re-appeared and asked in a manner that
offered no possibility of japan young teen a refusal,"You'll stay for lunch, won't you, Superintendent?""Martin, please, and yes, I'd be delighted.""Very good, Martin. I can't tell you how excited and
happy Davy's been since the telephone conversation he
had with you. He's been on cloud nine waiting for your
arrival and having a meal will meal you'll not rush
off too quickly."Martin could smell delicious food being cooked in the
kitchen and Kitty was busy setting the dining table
located at amateur young 16 the other end of the large room that they
were sitting in. Davy glanced at his wife and then at
the clock and announced,"I think we've got time for a beer before we eat,
haven't we Kitty?" Not waiting for an answer, Davy
continued, "Shall we go, Martin?"They younger babe porn
pair walked the short distance to the pub and
chatted about a range of things as they each drank a
pint of the local brew. young love pictures
Then they walked back and had
lunch, which proved to be as good to young teemn eat as its smell
had indicated. Once lunch was over, Martin and Davy
resumed where they had left off and Davy took young peeing girls Martin
through the contents of the box. What caught Martin's
eye most was the striking picture of a young man,
tall, fair-haired in his late teens and posing only in
a tight pair of swimming trunks. Looking out from the
photo was the smiling face of Darren Evans. The rest
of the material looked to be odd letters and a young cg porn small
scrapbook containing a few news cuttings and a few
other personal belongings. Martin was slightly
diffident about asking whether he young thai cunts
could take these
items back to London but he need not have been so.
Davy's eyes lit up at the young sexe illegal
prospect and he urged Martin
to young girl blowjobs take them and keep them as long as he needed them.
Martin and Davy talked for another half an hour before
Martin checked his watch and realised that time was
running out. Martin thanked Davy and Kitty for their
help and hospitality and young lollipop teens for allowing him to take the
additional material back to London. Turning down the
offer of yet another cup of tea or coffee Martin
explained that he had to go because if he did not, he
would miss his train. Reluctantly Martin took his
leave of the lovely, retired couple and promised that
he would return the shoebox very soon. At the door,
Davy looked Martin straight in the eye and said,"I hope that what I've given you and told you about
today helps you catch the killer. He's ruthless and he
won't stop until you catch him and I believe that
unlike me you innocent young angels will be successful.""I'll try my best and I'm sure what I've learnt today
will contribute to the process of identifying the
murderer."Martin tried to exude a confidence that he really did
not feel but he did not want very young pornpictures
to destroy the hopes and
expectations of this gentle Welshman. At the moment
the taxi drew up, Martin waved goodbye and noted that
Davy and Kitty stood in christine young dildo the road waving at the taxi
until he turned the corner. He anamil sex young
made the train with
several minutes to spare and found his seat. On his
return journey Martin's train was rather less busy and
he found himself sitting alone in the compartment
surrounded by a large pile of files and folders as
well as Davy's container of additional material.
Sorting this lot out would be a job that Bob Matthews
would love and so Martin sat back and reflected on
what he had learnt from his trip to Wales and young thai ladyboys
forward to hearing whether Tom's day had gone better
than his.Arriving home, Martin found Tom almost as depressed as
he was. photo young gril
To Tom's question about his day Martin put on
a brave face and said that it had gone well. Tom's
response was to say how pleased he was and Martin knew
that this was sincerely meant. Tom's face suggested
that things for him had not gone so well. It turned
out that at the last minute the case he was leading in
had been switched to another court and he was
appearing before a judge notorious for his
conservative and anti-gay views. Tom was alike a red
rag to this man and he had turned down most of his
legal submissions that Tom had made. Other youngest litlle boys
might have treated him more leniently but it was clear
that this one would not go out of his way to rule in
Tom's favour. This had been bad enough but when one of
the key witnesses had failed to show up, the judge had
all but thrown the case out. Martin listened
sympathetically and then said,"What you and I both need is a good night out, we'll
have a few drinks and a good meal. What do you say?"Tom agreed readily but then added,"And back home and into bed early."Martin ordered a taxi and they ate at a fashionable
and expensive restaurant. As Tom had suggested they
did not linger and their return taxi trip brought them
back home at a relatively early hour. Once inside Tom
led Martin straight to the bedroom where they quickly
undressed and tumbled onto the bed. Martin licked
Tom's nipples and allowed his tongue to run sensuously
down his young usenet pics lover's chest. Tom's cock was hard and
straining upwards but Martin ignored it, He continued
to lick all around the inner thigh of Tom's leg and
down towards his feet and then continue to work in the
opposite direction up the other led. Tom was moaning
with pleasure as Martin's tongue completed its journey
and began to tease his nipples again. Once again after
a few minutes Martin began to run his tongue down
toward Tom's groin. This time he licked round and
through Tom's pubic hairs before he allowed his tongue
to run along the base of the erect cock and then
Martin sucked his lover's balls into his mouth one at
a time. Tom continued to moan as his lover treated him
to oral pleasure, finally Martin allowed his tongue to
run sensuously up the hard shaft until it reached
Tom's glans, still partially covered with foreskin.
Martin slightly changed the angle of his approach and
delved his tongue into the pre-cum oozing piss slit
before rolling the foreskin off Tom's cock head with
his lips. Then Martin used his tongue to tease the
super sensitive area of skin that joined Tom's
foreskin to the shaft as his cock. Tom loved the
sensation and yelled out with pleasure."Oh yes Marty!! Use your tongue there it feels sooo
good!! It's driving me crazy but its worth it!! It
makes me feel soooo hot!!"Martin continued to tease this area for several
moments before he moved back to use his tongue on
Tom's oozing piss slit. The older young nude yo man carefully licked
the sticky pre-cum onto his young adults
tongue and used it to lube
up the sensitive head before he opened his young teen webcam
mouth and
began to draw Tom's cock into his mouth. As he
swallowed Tom into his mouth and throat, Martin's
fingers played first with his lover's wet balls and
then moved on to find the warm entrance to his love
channel. Tom instinctively opened his legs wider to
give Martin the access he required. Martin's fingers
moved rhythmically in and out of Tom's willing hole,
making teasing contact with teens young sex his prostate. The rhythm
of the fingers matched exactly the sucking action that
Martin was performing on Tom's dick. Tom was pushing
up to meet the downward motion of Martin's lips and
the younger man was beginning to lose control."Oh yes Marty suck my cock!! Make me cum!! I want to
fill your mouth with my ball cream!! I love you
Marty!! I love your mouth on my cock!! Suck me off!!
Suck me hard I'm about to shoot my load!!!"Martin recognised the signs and redoubled his efforts
and was rewarded shortly after by a mouthful of creamy
cum as Tom's cock spurted jizz into his mouth. Tom's
cock throbbed and spurted until his ball juice was
reduced to a trickle, but Martin lapped every last
drop up and even licked down his lover's shaft
cleaning it of any remaining spunk. As his cock began
to soften, Tom lay back and opened his legs waiting
for Martin to put them onto his shoulders and enter
him."Thanks Marty that was fantastic!! I do really love
you and I want you to make love to me now, please!!!Martin gently pulled Tom towards him as Tom lined up
his lover's prick head so that it was directly in line
with his well-fingered hole. Tom smiled as Martin's
prick edged ever closer before finally engaging with
the lips of the entrance and swiftly disappearing
inside. As Martin's prick disappeared inside him,
Tom's legs went higher over his lover's shoulder and
he waited for the regular fucking motion to begin. Tom
held Martin's prick tight with his powerful arse
muscles and then released them allowing the young sex videos older man
to begin his fucking action. Martin pumped his dick
into and out of Tom's hole with increasing speed. Tom
began to thrust equally powerfully back to meet him
and the pair began to sweat profusely as a result of
their exertions. Tom loved to be fucked long and hard
and Martin was an expert at this. Both men watched as
the hard flesh of Martin's prick appeared and
disappeared into Tom's love channel, striking his
prostate with each inward and outward youngest japan porn
stroke and
causing the younger man to whimper with delight. The
effect of this slow fucking was that Tom's cock was
once again hard and throbbing and the couple hoped
that they could achieve a simultaneous climax. Martin
was getting close to cumming and Tom was wanking his
own cock vigorously in an effort to catch up."Oh yes fuck me Marty!! Fill me with your spunk!! I
want to feel you cum inside me!! I love you, Marty!!""And I love you too, Tom!! Feel my prick throbbing
inside you as I start to deliver my cum inside your
tight hole. I'm .. almost .. there .."Then, with a sudden cry, Martin lost control and Tom
gripped his lover's dick firmly inside him as he felt
it throb and the warm ball juice shoot out deep inside
him. The moment Tom relaxed his own cock shot a second
load of spunk that flew into the air before dropping
back onto his stomach and the underside of his cock
shaft. Gradually Martin's prick began to shrink and
withdraw from inside Tom's love channel, leaving his
warm sticky deposit behind as it young boys porno went. Martin gently
rubbed his fingers lightly through the small pool of
jizz small little young
that had collected on Tom's stomach as they lay
contentedly together. Exhausted by their efforts young hentai portal and
with a full day ahead of them in the morning Martin
and Tom slid into bed and lay close together, arms
intertwined in a period of mutual intimacy and
companionship that reflected their love for each
other. Despite this moment of intense love the pair
found that sleep quickly overwhelmed them and they
drifted off into unconsciousness. Neither man slept
particularly well that night, each concerned about the
day ahead. As usual Martin rose first young gay bondage and woke Tom
with a cup of coffee. They breakfasted together and
were about to leave when the phone rang. Martin who
answered it was relieved to hear Mark's voice on the
end of the line."Hello Martin. I wanted to catch you before you go.
First to let you fucks youngest girls know that Ruth and David will be
coming home later today so don't come to the hospital,
but you and Tom are welcome at the house. Second I'd
like to settle them both back in the house and come
back to work on Monday if that's OK. Finally, I want
to ask a favour and I'd, no we'd, be honoured if you'd
accept. Ruth and her parents want David circumcised
and Ruth's parents have arranged for it to be
performed by a local rabbi next week. We'd like you to
come and act as what I'd call if I were a religious
and Christian person a godfather. We hope you will.
There'll be drinks afterwards at the house and David
will be properly named by then. You and Tom will come
won't you?"Martin responded warmly,"First of all I'm flattered and honoured by your
request which I gladly and willingly accept. I'm not
religious either but I'll do my best for the boy,
Perhaps we'll let you settle in at home before we
visit again and don't hurry back. I do miss you and
your insights but some things are more important. Once
again we'll be glad to be there next week and I am
overwhelmed by your desire to have me play a role in
your son's life. Tom is too, he's right here now and
has heard or gathered what you've said and he looks as
pleased as I am.""Thanks Martin, Ruth and I are overjoyed. Come round
as soon as sex illegal young
you can and tell me what's going on. Don't
wait until next week. Bye."Martin put the phone down and Tom and he discussed
what present they would buy the baby young virgins pussy
to celebrate his
arrival. In the end they decided to set up a bank
account for the boy so that he could spend it when he
was old enough and knew what he really wanted. They
agreed that was much better than the usual baby stuff
that got lost or young teen babyes forgotten and tucked away in a
cupboard after the first few months. On the other amateur young things hand
money regularly topped up for birthdays and at other
times such as Christmas would slowly young anal pics accumulate and
gain interest and be of far greater value in the long
term. When he was eighteen young David Jamieson would
have a reasonable sum of money to spend on something
useful or even something frivolous, either way young litle virgins
choice would be his. That decided Tom and Martin left
the flat together but parted at the end of the street
to go their separate ways to work. It was while he was
travelling to work on the tube that young teens fotos a thought suddenly
struck Martin. It was such a trivial point but it
might just be the link between the many disparate
victims that had so far eluded him and the team. He
made a mental note to get Bob Matthews to investigate
it when he got to Scotland Yard. If his hunch proved
to correct, exploilted young up then it was a breakthrough of sorts.
Although buoyed up by this moment of inspiration,
Martin knew that it was only a small part of the
jigsaw and that it was still much too early to tell
whether it would get him any closer to solving the
whole puzzle and finding the murderer.TO BE CONTINUED...If you liked this part of the story let me know
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