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From: rimpigfl
Subject: MARINE HERO 25Disclaimer: This is a story. I didn't live it - even though I wished I
had. It is purely for enjoyment. It's another of my "Marine" stories. videos preteen Some
guys wonder why I keep writing about Marines. Besides the fact that they
epitomize masculinity to me, beyond the fact that they are just about the
raunchiest guys I've ever known, there is another reason.These brave warriors are often the first defense against any enemy of my
country and my way of life. Throughout the history of this country, the
Marine Corps has produced more, oftentimes unsung, heros than any other
fighting force. And I don't know about you, but contrary to Whitney
Houston's song, my need for a hero has always been fulfilled by The Few,
The Proud, The Marines. Semper Fi!I wish to acknowledge two people who's assistance with this story was
invaluable. First of all, Kris, who preteens teens sexy
is a great writer in her own right.AndSecond, but not least, a real Marine and a beautiful man - Rich, who will
always be Jeff to me.MARINE HERO
by RimPig (c) 2004Chapter Twenty preteen katya pics
Five - Dinner At 'The Cleaver's' It Ain't!So we put on our clothes and we walk back to the beach and then to the
parking lot where he'd left his car - a sweet little Miata. He said it was
a 'hand-me-down' from his teacher-lover. We drove down into Oceanside to a
nice neighborhood of older homes. Well-kept and quiet. We pulled into the
driveway and I could see a large garage behind the house with what looked
like an apartment on the second floor.When we got to door, Keith asked me to stay outside while he 'prepared' his
other family for preteen gallery gratis me. He explained that he wasn't kidding about them being
naked all the time but that since I was dressed, they'd want to throw on
something - at least until we were all better acquainted. I understood and
he was only gone a few minutes.In that time, however, I started to have real misgivings about this. I
mean, what the fuck was I doing? young preteens lovers
I was going home with a beautiful kid who
lived with four older guys preteen nymphets video - three of them former members of the Corps -
all of whom were his 'fuck-buddies' and had been his foster- parents! Not
only that, but one of the pairs was actually father and son! And the son
had been his teacher in high school! What a complicated mess! And what the
fuck was I doing there! I didn't want to get hooked up in this menage
a...ahh...whatever five is in little boy preteen
French! I was the one who didn't ever want to
get tied up with anybody!But right then, before I could figure out how to get out of this, Keith
came back. And when I looked into that beautiful face and those incredible
blue eyes, every bit of sense I thought very preteen nude I had just disappeared and I just
wanted to look at him, look deep into those eyes forever!"Come on in. They're waiting to meet you. They're really excited." Keith
said.Oh, fuck! What in the fuck was I getting into? But did I say that?"Great! I'm excited to meet them!" I enthused.Oh, preteen movies russian shit! Now I was in for it!We went inside and he took me into the large kitchen. Sitting there were
four guys. From Keith's description I knew who everybody sitting around the
large kitchen table. There was no doubt that Bulldog and Mike were father
and son. It was like looking at a younger and older version of the same
person. innocent preteen chat That left Rusty big cocks preteen and Jeff to sort out but knowing that Rusty had
dark red hair, it made it easy. The dark preteen tits movies haired stud had to be
Jeff. Damn. These guys may be older but they certainly weren't old! And
every one of them a fuckin' stud! Bodies that most guys half their age
would give their left nut for! No wonder Keith loved these guys and loved
having sex with them! I started to re-evaluate my idea of being part of
this family! At least, having the experience of making it with all these
studs!"Guys, this is Tack." Keith announced to them."Good to meet you, Corporal!" Mike senior said, putting out his hand to
give bbs imgboard preteen
me a firm handshake. "I'm Mike but real preteen fucking
you can call me Bulldog!""Uhh...thank you, sir." I said, shaking hands with him."No need to stand on formality, son. I'm not in the Corps anymore and I
wasn't an officer. I was a master sergeant, just like Rusty here." Bulldog
said.The dark red haired stud reached out his hand as well."Hello, Tack. I'm Rusty." the red-headed stud said."Good to meet you." I said.Then the blond-headed stud who had to be Bulldog's son stuck out his hand."Hello, Tack. I'm Mike also called Mikey." he said."Hello. I could tell. Keith told me that you look like Bulldog and you sure
do!" I said.I was picturing in my preteen gallery ls mind Bulldog fucking this stud preteen french models who was his son preteen bbs sandra and
the vision didn't freak me out like I thought it would! In fact, I could
feel Tack Junior waking up at the vision!"I'm Jeff." the last stud stuck out his hand.Well, I could see that, beside Keith, Jeff was the most beautiful preteens videos
incredible stud of
all of them! I figured preteen fashion swimwear
him for about as tall as me with dark hair. Now,
it's true that I prefer dark haired guys like Jeff or dark red-headed stud
like Rusty but I had to admit that Bulldog and Mike were not guys I would
turn down - ever! And, of course, Keith, with his long, blond hair had
given lollipop preteens me an instant woody! Fuck! I could preteen nude banners
really see myself with all of
these studs! One at a time or all at once!But, beyond that, there was Keith. As beautiful as these studs were, forbidden preteen lollitas
couldn't even look of them with Keith standing there. I kept getting the
twinges in my gut every time I looked at him. I thought that, after a
while, I'd get used to his looks and the twinges would stop but it hadn't
happened yet. I knew something strange was going on inside preteen nudest gallery me but I had not
idea what! I just know that I couldn't take my eyes off of him."Well, it's going to be while until dinner is ready. Keith, why don't you
show Tack the house?" Bulldog suggested."That's a great idea!" Keith said, winking at me."Yeah. You might want to start with the basement." Mike said, grinning at
Keith."Yeah! That would be a good place to start." Keith said. "But don't you
think we all have too many clothes on?""Well, that's kind of up to Tack. He's the guest. If he's comfortable with
nudity, I can't see any reason to keep our clothes on." Bulldog said."Hey, it's your home! Keith's told me about your 'rules' and I'm more than
willing to strip." I said."Good man!" Bulldog laughed!At that point, they all stood up. They were all wearing t-shirts and small
gym shorts. From the bulges I could see in the shorts, they weren't wearing
anything else. They all began stripping at once, kind of like they'd done
this before.Now, I was used to seeing guys strip and go naked in the barracks all the
time and I hung out on San Onofre beach any time I got the chance but
somehow this was different. Knowing what I knew about these latina nude preteen
studs, there
was something very sexual in the air. I couldn't explain it and Tack Junior
didn't need no explanation. He just kinda 'smelled' preteen boy lingerie
the sexuality in the
air and started to peak out of his hood for a better smell of what was
going on. As I stripped, I couldn't keep my eyes off these guys. Fuck! I'd
never seen such good-sized, uncut meat on four guys in my life! Each of
these studs was hung better than the next one with Jeff being the best hung
of all! I didn't know how big that thing destiny preteen model got but I was more than willing to
measure it for him! I'd love to see how far it went down my throat or up my
ass!Then I realized why I was 'smelling' sex in the air! What I was smelling
was the very intense scent of preteen model cocksuckers raw, unwashed male! So Keith wasn't the only
one in his 'family' who was into man- scents! All of them were! Hot Fucking
Damn!"You ready for the tour?" Keith's voice took me unawares, I was so busy
scoping out his 'family'."Yeah, I guess I am." I said, feeling like a kid caught with his hand in
the cookie jar and not really knowin' why."Yes, I guess you are." Keith said, with a little chuckle and a glimmer of
amusement in his eyes as he looked down my body.Tack Junior was definitely ready! Not hard and dripping but damn
near. Keith reached out and took my hand and again I felt the charge of
energy go through me and now Tack Junior was full- up boned and drippin'
cock-snot! It was just preteen pic porn a simple gesture, holding his hand but, with all of
my sexual exploits - and there were plenty of them, starting back in the
group home when I was 14 and got and gave my first blowjob - I had never,
ever held hands with another guy! Just never happened! I didn't know what
to think other than, for some reason, it felt so good that I sure didn't
want to let go!Keith directed me to a door which opened to reveal a set of steps heading
down into the basement. I couldn't exactly understand why we were going to
the basement but obviously he knew what he was doing and I was just along
for the ride. After all, I couldn't see what the fuck was so special about
a basement! Every basement I'd ever been in had been dank and filled with
junk that people didn't want anymore but didn't want to get rid of. Which
made no fucking sense to me, but then a teenz preteens
a lot of things that people did
didn't make any sense to me - like, having sex and getting off really good
and then feeling guilty about it! That was the dumbest fuckin' thing I ever
heard of! I mean, if you didn't want to do it to begin with then don't do
it! If preteen models cum you did it and enjoyed it - shut up and stop whining!When we got downstairs and Keith turned on the lights, I got the shock of
my life! This was like no basement that I'd ever pre teen costume seen or even knew existed!
There were like these little spotlights in the corners of the ceiling and
along the walls up where sweet preteens clips the wall joined the ceiling. They were all focused
on what looked like a platform that was about the biggest bed I'd ever seen
in my life! The little preteen gallerie
thing had to be 10 feet square, covered in leather with
bolster pillows on it that were also covered in leather. The walls on two
side of it were mirrored, floor to ceiling and even the ceiling was mirror
- all of them reflecting the 'platform' bed which dee preteen sat in a pool of light
from the little spotlights.Against the back wall I could see a huge open shower with what looked kds child preteen like
five or six showerheads and all tiled. There were doors in the all to the
right and to the preteen nude index
left leading to God only knows what?!"This is the 'playroom'." Keith smiled."Playroom?" I asked."Yeah. This is where a preteen nonnude videos lot of the sex among us goes on." Keith said."Well, I guess you'd need a fucking bed that big for the five of you." I
said.Keith laughed."Yeah, sometimes it does get a little crowded!""So what's with the shower?" I asked."That's for watersports! And we actually shower there most mornings. All
five of us together when we can." he said."Fuck! It's huge! Bigger than the one in the barracks and that's for 40
guys!" I said."Well, we like a lot of room!" he chuckled."But there's...uhh, what? Six showerheads? But they're's only underage preteens americans
5 of you?" I
asked."Bulldog put in six when he had this built. Mikey keeps kidding me that the
last showerhead is for my lover, whenever I finally find one. He says that
will make the 'family' complete." he said."I thought he was your naked preteen trailers
lover. In fact, I thought they all were?" I said,
confused.This was the part I didn't fully understand yet."Well, yes and preteen rape website no. We are all lovers in the respect that we all love each
other and preteen young angels we all have sex together and it's kind of up to the individuals
who we sleep with each night. But Mikey and Jeff were lovers first and
Bulldog and Rusty became lovers. In the akio preteen dvd
meantime, Mikey and Jeff were
having sex with Bulldog and then it was Jeff who met Rusty and brought him
home to have sex with Mikey. They knew, however that both Rusty and Bulldog
were looking for someone 'special' to spend their life with and Mikey and
Jeff put them together. They fell in love. But none of them wanted to give
up having sex with the other three because they had some very strong
feelings of love for each other. So, they formed the 'family'. But Bulldog
and Rusty are still a couple and so are Mikey and Jeff. I'm kind of a 'free
spirit'. One day I'll find the guy I want to spend my life with." Keith
said."But what if he doesn't want to be part of the 'family'? What if he wants
you all to himself?" I asked."I don't know. That would be very difficult for me. Bulldog, Rusty, Jeff
and Mikey have always told me that I can leave anytime I want to, either to
be on my own or to live with a lover but I don't want to leave. I love all
four of them. I love being around them. I love making love with them but I
do want someone special. Just like Bulldog has Rusty and Mikey has Jeff. I
know, it's preteen lesbian girls fucked up but that's the way it is." he said hesitantly."I don't think it's fucked up at all! I think it is really cool! I mean, I
didn't know how I was gonna really feel about them, but your family are
really cool. Not to mention they are four of the most incredible studs I've
ever seen in my life!" I said and knew I was telling him the truth.Keith just beamed at me! Fuck! None of those spotlights could hold a candle
to his smile!"God! I so hoped you'd feel that way. Let me ask you...could you maybe see
yourself getting it on with any of them?" he asked.I started laughing."Fuck! I could see getting it on with all preteen child toplists of at a time or
together!" I said, amazed that I would share that intimate a thought shocking preteen modeling with
him, but it felt comfortable to share stuff inside me with him now. I
didn't know why. It just did. "But, I'll be honest. I'd rather be with
you."This last I said quietly, looking at him longingly. I was so hungry for
him, I thought I could die! I wanted to touch him, to hold illegal websites preteen
him, to feel my
cock sliding gently in his ass! I had this really weird feeling that I
wanted to fill him with my cum and make him mine - forever! What the fuck
was up with that?!Keith didn't say anything, he just took my hand again and led me to the
huge bed. He climbed onto it, pulling me with him. When I got on the bed,
he was suddenly in my arms, our preteen incest story
naked bodies pressed to each other. I
couldn't believe how unbelievably good he felt against preteen video young me! How perfectly
his body fit to mine. How wonderful he felt in my arms - like no other guy
I'd ever been with! I looked into his eyes and then I pressed my mouth to
his.We were lost in that kiss - well, at least I was lost - for a very long
time! The taste of him was incredible and I couldn't get enough! His lips
were soft as was his skin but that was all that was 'soft' about him. His
hard cock was pressed against Tack Junior and Tack Junior was loving every
second of it! preteen brasil free It links preteen usenet was like they belonged together! Just as it started to
dawn on me that so did Keith and me. That's what latin preteen video those strange fuckin'
feelings I'd been japan non nudespreteens having were! Oh, fuck! This couldn't be hairy preteen boysporn preteen photos happening! I'd
never expected or preteen porn game wanted it! I was fuckin' falling in love with him!I don't know why I did it...I guess I got really scared....but I pulled
away from him. Pulled away from his mouth, pulled out of his arms and moved
away from him, sitting on the edge of the platform bed, my feet on the
platform and preteens in dresses
my elbows resting on my knees with my face in my hands. I
didn't know what the fuck was up or down! I swore I'd never fuckin' love
anybody! costume pre teen
Love fuckin' hurt! There was never anything but pain! I knew that
from lovin' my Dad! Watching him kill himself with the junk! I'd never
accepted love or loved anybody - ever again! I swore I wouldn't! I just
didn't want the pain! I kept fucking guys and letting them fuck me but I
wouldn't ever let myself care about any of them! I wouldn't let myself fall
in love! Love fuckin' hurt!And here it was again! I could feel my guts knotting up inside me! I wanted
Keith! I wanted him so bad! I wanted to hold him and protect him so nobody
would ever hurt him again and here I was - hurtin' because of it!"Tack.." I heard top russian preteen his voice and felt the gentle touch of his hand on my
shoulder.It was like a fuckin' knife going through me! I groaned at the pain of it!"Tack..what's preteen model nymphet
wrong? to me." he said softly.And then it happened. I hadn't fuckin' cried since my russian preteen wap
Dad died when I was
12! Swore I'd never do that again either! Men didn't fuckin' cry! Men
sucked it up and didn't give into being weak and vulnerable! And that's
exactly what I was at that moment! Weak and vulnerable. I wanted to run out
of that house so fast and so far that nobody would ever find me! But I
could feel Keith gently pulling preteen blonde porn me into his arms as I began fuckin'
sobbing! Crying like all those years of pain and loneliness inside me were
all comin' out at once!He just held me, making soft noises and stroking my head. My arms were
around him, clinging to him like he was the last refuge on earth or
somethin'! I just knew, somehow, that it was me that needed to be kept safe
and Keith was the one to do that! Somehow cryin' in his arms didn't make it
so bad. Somehow it felt okay to let go for once and be weak - let him be
strong for me! I couldn't believe it! He didn't look that strong but he
sure as fuck felt that way.It took a long time for me to get myself back under control. I guess you
don't hold in 10 years of hurt and pain and just let go of it all in a
couple of minutes. When it was over, though, I didn't know what to do! I
was so ashamed of myself! I'd disgraced myself in front of this guy that I
was fuckin' fallin' for! I'd been a weak and sniveling idiot! I'd fuckin'
bawled like a fuckin' baby! I tried to pull out of his arms and run
away...hide my shame at what I'd let him see! But I didn't realize how
fucking strong he was! His arms locked around me and wouldn't let me go!"No, Tack. Don't run away. Please, dear God! Don't run away!" he begged."Bu...but...I...I fuckin'... you can't think much of me...after that..." I
stuttered."Think much of you?! Oh, Tack! I have more respect for preteen models topples you than I thought
was possible!" he said and I could tell he meant it!"Huh?! How...?" I tried to ask but couldn't get it out."Tack, a man isn't strong because he holds everything in! A man is
strongest when he can openly show his junior model preteen pain. When he can be
vulnerable. That's a strong man! My God! I'm so grateful you let me be the
one that you allowed to be here with you!" he said, his voice so full
of...well...full of love!I looked up at him. I must have models preteen xxx
looked a mess, my eyes red from crying and
snot running out of my nose, my face all wet with uncut pre teens
the tears I cried but he
smiled at me and brazil young preteens leaned forward and gently licked naked preteen boys his tongue across the
wetness of my tears. I thought I would die at that moment! It was such a
loving gesture that I nearly started bawling again. I wiped preteen angels nudist
my nose on the
back of my arm (there was some disadvantages to being naked!) and then preteen crazy nature I
felt his hands pulling my face back to his. He gently kissed me on the
lips. No tongue, just a simple kiss but there was so much love in it, I
could hardly bear exclusive preteen galleries the rush of feeling that went through me."Tack," he girl image preteen said, pulling back from the kiss and looking into my
eyes. "Until you broke down, I knew that I could potentially love you. But
I was afraid to. Even with all that you told me about yourself, I was
afraid you'd never let me inside. Never let me see the real you, the soft
and gentle man that I knew was inside of you. I knew I could never allow
myself to love a man who kept part of himself locked away from me. You told
me that you never lied - never told a guy you loved him when you didn't. I
don't lie either, Tack. I love you. I love you totally, utterly and
completely. I love you so much I want thailand preteen pics
to spend the rest of my life with
you." and dutch preteen porn
saying this, he let go of my face and took his arms from around
me. "I understand that this probably has scared the living shit right out
of you! Now, you can run away just as preteen buds models
hard and fast as you want to. I just
had to tell you that before you did."I sat preteen guestbooks photos there stunned! How the fuck could he read my fucking mind?! That's
exactly what I wanted to do! Run preteen pedofile away from him just as hard and as fast as
I could! I wanted to get away and put myself together and forget that I'd
ever met him! Forget everything that had happened today!And at the same time, I knew what a shithead I was being! There was no
fuckin' way I could forget him! No fuckin' way I could erase from my mind
what had happened. Worse, no fuckin' way I could make my heart stop lovin'
him! No! I'd past the point that I could run away now. Probably fuckin'
passed it the moment I took his hand there african preteen slut on the fuckin' beach! I just sat
there, looking at him, stunned at knowing that I felt the same way. I
wanted to spend the rest of my fuckin' life with him."I...uhh...I can't." I managed to get out. "I swore to fuckin' cute preteen ftp
God I'd
never say this to another human being the rest of my fuckin'
life...but...I...uhh...I love you. I do! I fuckin' love you! I want to
spend sex nude preteen the rest of my life with you! I gotta be fuckin' crazy but that's how
I feel! I love you so much it fuckin' hurts!"He looked at me smiling, with so much fuckin' love in his eyes, it about
ripped my guts out! That's what I'd seen in his eyes on the bbs preteen young
beach! He must
have had those feelin's for me from the beginning, just as I did for
him. But he knew what he was feelin'! I'd kept myself from every carin'
about anybody for so long, I couldn't even fuckin' recognize it anymore!"I can't fuckin' believe this! I'm sittin' here tellin' you that I want to
spend my whole fuckin' life with you and we haven't even fucked!" I grinned
stupidly at him."I don't free movie preteen
want to 'fuck' you, Tack. I want to make love to you. I want to
show you how much I love you. I want to feel you inside me! I want you to
make us 'one'. A part of each other." he said softly."Oh, God fuckin' damn! I want that so bad!" my modelz preteens I swore."But not here." he said. "Come on. We'll go upstairs to my room. I want
this to be something private and special, just between us."That's when it hit me! Just between us? What about those four guys
upstairs, his 'family'. What about them?"Uhh...what about...uhh..." I stuttered.I fuckin' couldn't get my fuckin' mouth to work for some reason! I was
sounding dumber than a fuckin' grunt!"What about my family? They'll understand. Trust me." he smiled."No...uhh...I mean...uhh..."Fuck! Why couldn't I get the fuckin' words out?!"Ohh! You mean...yeah...well, it's like I told you. You can be a part of
the family or not. It's up to you. I won't stop loving you, no matter what
you decided." he said quietly."But you love them. You want to be a part of them. I know that. I don't
want to take you away from them. I don't want to do that to you." I said."Tack, this isn't about me. This is about you. This is about how you
feel. If you want me as yours exclusively, I'll do that. If you want preteen models russia to be
a part of the family, if you want to learn how to love my family, then I'm
willing to do that as well. Remember the second house rule? No jealousy."
he said.Could I be in love with him and still have sex with those four studs
upstairs? Well that was a fuckin' preteen pussy download
easy question to answer! Fuck, yeah! No
problem at all! Could I love them? Could I think of them as 'my' family?
All of a sudden, it hit me! That was IT! That's what I wanted. I wanted
what I'd never had! A family! People who would love me and accept me, just
the way I am! Just the way they'd done for Keith! I looked at him and
grinned."I never had a family. It was only my Dad and me and, when he died, the
group home. I think I want to be a part of your family almost as much as I
want you." I said quietly.His eyes lit up and he hit me with that fuckin' grin of his hidden preteen incest and I just sat
there, feelin' like I was melting into a puddle! Fuck, I never met ANYBODY
that made me feel this way before! It was a little scary but I was lovin'
every minute of it!"Oh, Tack! Yes! Oh, God, yes!" he enthused.But I had some misgivings." you think they'll" I asked
hesitantly.He grinned again."Tack, part of being a family is trusting free preteen angels
each other. Really trusting each
other. They already knew that I was falling in love with you when I brought
you home. If they had any concerns about you, trust me! They would have
already said them! You don't know this family! Nobody holds things back! We
tell each other the preteen nudes crazy truth! I saw the looks in their eyes. They definitely
approve of you! And that was before you got naked!" he laughed."Really? They do?!" I was amazed.Not that I was a bad guy or anything, despite some of my past, but here I
was, looking to take their youngest family member away from them
maybe. 'Course, not now. No! preteen ru gallery Now I wanted Keith but I wanted to be a part
of them as well! I wanted to be Keith's 'special person' but I wanted what
it was they all had preteen teen ls
together as well!As I thought about this, I happened to glance over at the back wall to the
open shower. I realized that I wanted that sixth showerhead preteen pics thumbs to be mine. And
this made me smile!"What?" he asked, looking around to see what I was staring at."That fuckin' showerhead is mine!" I grinned at him.He didn't say anything, he just threw his arms around my neck and pressed
his mouth to mine! hot asian preteens I wrapped my arms around him, feeling the warmth and the
strength of his body as I kissed him deeply, tasting him as our tongues
slid against each other."Come on. Let's go upstairs." he murmured, finally pulling his mouth from
mine."Fuck, yeah!" I enthused, grinning at him.This time, I took his hand and he smiled at me. We climbed the japanese naturist preteens stairs
together and Keith led me back into the kitchen. His preteen movies online family was all still
there, sitting at the table, drinking beer and talking. Their conversation
stopped and they looked up at us when we walked in."Uhh, guys... preteen illegal angel please don't wait dinner for us. We're going upstairs." Keith
said, and I preteen sexe trailer noticed he blushed!"We'll leave something for both of you." very hot preteen
Mikey said smiling."Yeah! We'll leave plenty. Figure you'll be starved." Jeff said chuckling.Jeff and I looked at each other and smiled. Yeah! That was the family
member I wanted to get it on with first! And we both knew it!"Uhh...guys...there's something else..." Keith said hesitantly.Bulldog looked at him and grinned."Maybe like we just ran out of showerheads?" he asked.I think even Keith was shocked at that! I know I was!"Uhh...yeah..." he said softly."Well, you two run upstairs. I'm sure nude preteen hamilton
there's a lot that you want to do
together. And, Tack..." Bulldog said."Yes, sir?" I answered automatically."Welcome to the family, son." he said.And this like bolt of lightening went through my guts! Welcome to the
'family'! Those had to be the best four words I ever heard! Right next to
the three most wonderful fuckin' words of all...Keith sayin' 'I love you'!"Thank you. Thank you so much!" I said and meant it from the bottom of my
heart!"You two run along! We'll see you later!" Rust grinned.I looked at Keith and he looked at me and, hand in hand, we went upstairs.The End of Chapter Twenty Five of MARINE HEROIf you liked the story, write me at If you'd like to
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