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From: a gloomy pharmacist
Subject: making a man out of mark, part 6 F.
F for failure. F for fucked. Mark was fucked. Really, really fucked.
He really hadn't been concentrating on his schoolwork much, between working
out and fucking everybody he could get his hands on. ls cp pthc Mark was going to be
on the football team when he got to the high school the next year. If he
didn't fail English first. The coach form the high young sex thumbs pthc school had recruited him
that fall, showing him how things got done when you got to high school.
They gave each other blowjobs, and over the course of the winter they
started fucking. Mark also sucked off quite a few of the current high
school team, and some of them returned the favor. Every day he wasn't at
the high school he was playing with his friend Christian.
The prior fall the two boys had gone to see Christian's brother, who was in
college, and Mark ended up fucking not only Christian and his brother, but
also his brother's girlfriend. Since then Mark had taken every opportunity
to get his hands on pussy, too, and he'd popped about half the cherries in
his class by the time spring rolled around.
But now he had an F in English. His average for the year was a D-, and if
he didn't bring it up at least a full letter he wouldn't be able to go to
high school, and worse, he wouldn't be able to play football.
He was hopeless by this point, and thought about crying as his teacher
stood over ext torrent pthc
him, showing him all his work. He threw the test papers and
essays onto Mark's desk carelessly, treating them like the shit they were.
47. 54. 28. These were Mark's most recent test scores. Mark hated his
teacher, but deep down knew it was his own fault. pthc models forum Still, if he didn't get
into high school Mark vowed he'd get back at his teacher, who was prattling
on and on about how he was always there to help if Mark would go after
school. Fuck that, Mark thought. I've got better things to do after
school. He sighed. As soon as his meeting with the teacher was pthc sample download over, Mark jumped on pthc list
his bike
and pedaled the short distance to the high school. Once his parents got his
report card, which would arrive by the end of the week, he'd be grounded for
sure. So he thought he'd meet with the Coach, to see if he could think of
something to get bbs pthc toplist
out of this. He kds pthc list parked his bike outside the school and ran
down the stairs to the basement, where Coach Walker's office was.
They met on the stairs. The Coach had his coat on and looked like he was
on his way out. He was talking to one of the gym teachers.
"Oh, Hi Mark," he said. "What's wrong? You look kinda tense."
"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Mark said, not really pausing in-between
Coach Walker looked at the gym teacher. "Sure," he said to Mark. "Wait
for me," he said to the gym teacher, and they made their way down to the
Coach's office. He unlocked the door, turned on the light, and they went
"You know, Mark, today might not be the best day."
"It's okay," said Mark. "But I child porn yo pthc
need to talk to you. I might be failing
The Coach looked at him, surprised. He'd been under the impression that
Mark was pretty brainy, for a jock. "You know what bbs teen pthc that means, Mark?"
Mark nodded, and looked panicked.
"Look, just relax," the coach said, making his way over to Mark. He
started rubbing the boy's shoulders. "God, you're tense. You need to
relax. Now, how bad is it? Can you bring the grade up?"
"I doubt it," Mark said. "I haven't got a chance, especially since Mr.
Bartlett hates me."
"Hates you? Don't say that, he doesn't hate you. Wait a sec, did you say
Mr. Bartlett?"
"Yeah." "Joe Bartlett?"
"Yeah, I think so. Why?"
"Shit, kid, I know Joe. He taught here for fifteen years before he went
over young jenny vicky pthc
to the middle school. He's a pushover!" "What do you mean?" Mark
asked, knowing what the Coach meant but not believing it.
"I mean you can fuck him! Jesus, kid, I thought you'd have been good
enough to sniff out a pansy by now. The guy's a freak."
"You're.... kidding..... right?"
"Mark, the guy used to come down here and make my kids tie him up."
"Yeah, kid. pthc pedo chlidren Go back there and tell him to give you a B or else you'll fuck
him up the ass so hard your dick'll pop out of his nose. See what he does."
"I don't know...."
"Do you think he's still there now? I can go with you, we can tag team
him. He loves it."
"No," Mark said. "He was leaving right when I came over here, he'll be
gone by now."
"Well, how about this? I can meet you over there after school tomorrow....
Oh, no, wait, tomorrow's out, I have to go somewhere. Look, you can do this
on pthc manga hentai your own. I've got--"
He was cut off by a knocking at the door. Without waiting for an answer,
the gym teacher came in and saw the Coach rubbing Mark's shoulders. He
looked a little bit disappointed.
"Sorry, I was just, uh, wondering if you were gonna be long."
"It's okay, Bill. I was just telling pthc photo pedo
Mark here how he needs to go visit
Joe Bartlett and not take no for an answer."
"Joe Bartlett? Fuck, you're lucky if you get to ball him, kid. He'll do
whatever you say. I used to piss on him sometimes."
Mark looked at the gym teacher, whom he'd never yahoo briefcase photos pthc
pantyhose pthc even met before, pthc zeps ranchi superalexx and
thought about this piece of information. He tried to imagine Mr Bartlett
getting pissed banned pthc movies on. It was almost a turn-on, in a way, to see the bastard
degraded after standing there so smugly, throwing pthc jailbait tgp Mark's papers around like
they weren't worth anything.
"And pull on his balls," the gym teacher said. "Hard. He loves that.
Pull on them with your teeth."
The gym teacher looked over at Coach Walker, who was getting a visible
bulge in his khaki shorts. Coach Walker looked back at the gym teacher,
whose hard filetype torrent pthc nipples were almost breaking through his cotton t-shirt. Then
they both looked at Mark, who looked really, really pthc sex places holidays
"Mark," Coach Walker said. "You need to relax."
"Yeah," said use hello bbs pthc
the gym teacher. "Relax."
Mark didn't resist when the gym teacher walked over to him and knelt down
in front of him. kazaa pthc Not did he resist when the gym teacher unzipped Mark's
jeans and gripped his member. He didn't pthc illegal tpg resist when the gym teacher started
jerking him off, either, or when the gym teacher grabbed the boy's cock,
which was hard by now, and slid it into his mouth. Mark may have been
tense, but he was forum pthc
horny as hell, and the sight of this perfect stranger
kneeling down to give him a blowjob was a turn-on. filefactory pthc
The gym teacher was
probably almost thirty, muscular but not really built like the Coach was.
He looked like a swimmer. He had dark hussy fan pthc
brown hair, cut like a Marine, but he
had a sweet face and reddish cheeks that made him look a pthc pic sites little like the boy
next door, or the kind of boy you always dreamed lived next door.
Instinctively, Mark reached behind him and fumbled in the Coach's pants.
The Coach never let go on Mark's shoulders as Mark fished out the Coach's
massive dong. He kneaded it in his hands, and then reached behind the Coach
and drew him nearer. The Coach was now standing with pthc bbs ictures
pthc alex cp his back pressed to
Mark, and out of the corner of his eye Mark could see the head of the great
juicy beast. He turned his head to the side and began to pthc dark studio lick up and down
Coach Walker's shaft. By now they knew each other's likes and dislikes, and
the Coach liked his dick licked rather than sucked. It was a weird position
they were in, but Mark reached up and with his thumb started prodding the
head. The kid wasn't very tense anymore.
It wasn't long before Mark busted his nut in the gym teacher's mouth,
setting forth a flood of goo. The gym teacher kept sucking as Mark's dick
deflated, a strange feeling. pthc e He looked down and saw the teacher, still
pounding away, strands of jizz hanging from his lips.
Coach Walker interrupted. "Okay, Bill, you got the kid off. pthc iboard cgiworld Now let him
go home and you can work on me."
Mark turned around. He thought he would have been the one to get the Coach
"You've got some homework to do, kid," Walker said. "And I don't want you
to tire yourself out before your date with the pthc ptsc kpbook freak tomorrow afternoon."
Reluctantly, Mark zipped lesbian teen pthc
up his jeans and left. The next day came, and Mark was getting so nervous about his plan for the
afternoon that it was svens bbs board pthc
all he could think about. He wondered about the sex
lives of his other teachers. Mr Baker, the science teacher, probably hadn't
fucked his wife in three years, maybe longer. Mr Smith who taught algebra
was bbs porn pthc probably a stallion, with pthc video magazine a nine-inch dick that probably got quite a lot
of use back in pthc toplist
the day. Now that he was about fifty he probably calmed down
a little, but he wondered german pthc r ygold if maybe he didn't keep a girl or two around. Mr
Kaplan who taught history had a reputation around the school for being a
flirt. It was said by some of the students that he'd gotten caught balling
one of the other teachers in the book room, although Mark doubted it.
Still, it gave him an idea....
By English class, Mark's plan was set. He sat through the period thinking
about the things he could do to get back at Mr Bartlett. Piss was a nice
idea, but Mark didn't really see it as very erotic. He studied Mr Bartlett.
He was probably in his mid-40's, skinny and balding. He wore blue
corduroy pants and a blue shirt that was unbuttoned at the top, letting his
chest hair peek out. He was about six feet even. His hair had been dark
brown once, although now it was mostly gray, what was left of it. pthc blogspot
wouldn't be the free cp pthc cutest guy Mark had ever fucked, but a boy has to do who a
boy has to do.
English was the last class of the day, so when the bell rang the rest of
the class was especially eager to get their asses out of there as fast as
they could. Mark lingered, though, pthc turbo upload a little bit nervous but feeling pretty
confident now pthc movies sample trailers
pthc thumblina that he'd talked to the coach and gotten some tips from the
gym teacher.
Bartlett was sitting at his desk, looking down. Mark wasn't sure if he
even knew he was there, or if he thought he was alone. After a minute or so
the teacher looked up. "Yes, Mark? What can I do pthc lollipop for you?"
Mark was ready. He was wearing a sweatshirt that virtual sex game pthc made him look bigger, and
shorts that showed off his newly hairy legs, despite the fact it was cold as
hell outside. "I think you know what you can do for me," Mark said.
"Excuse rompl ranchi pthc me?" Mr Bartlett said, looking up, probably afraid Mark was going
to pull a gun or something. But instead he was just standing there.
"You know what you can do for me. You can give me a B," Mark pthc svens place said.
"Now why on earth would I give you a B?" pedo hussyfan suche pthc the teacher said. "I give my
students the grades they deserve."
"And I deserve a B," Mark said, with an edge of authority in his voice.
"Look, Mark, I don't really have time for this...."
But Mark cut him off: "You have time for what I tell you you have time
Mr Bartlett looked up. More precisely he looked up at Mark's shorts, which
had a poke in pthc proibida irc channel
them. God, the teacher thought, I'd love to get that in me.
He stammered, trying to say something, but Mark cut him off again.
"Take your shirt off," Mark said, and Mr Bartlett smiled.
"Oh, I see what you're doing. You're trying to embarrass me. You've
probably got a camera somewhere, and you're going to tell me to take off my
shirt and I'm going to pthc gigatribe
take my shirt off and you're going to tell everybody
that I'm a fag and I hit on you and you're going to get me fired. Is that
what you think? Because I'm not falling for it, I'm not going to sacrifice
He stopped, because Mark's shorts were down around his ankles, and the kdz pthc filipina boy
wans't wearing any underwear. "Take off your shirt, motherfucker," Mark
said, and this time there was porno pedo pthc
no meisje pthc hiding the edge in his nude tgp pthc
voice. He took off
his vicky pthc bbj cp own shirt.
Still, the teacher didn't move. He was in awe. Mark's body, while young,
was incredibly muscular. He was still young enough that his skin was smooth
and clean, although he'd gotten quite a bit young pthc porn of hir in his armpits and on his
legs. His pubic hair had also grown in quite nicely. In a few years, Mr
Bartlett thought, the kid's going pthc pussy pics to be really fierce. But now, he's just
Mr Bartlett took pthc indian girl mpg
his shirt off almost involuntarily, so swept away was he
by Mark's body. He sister pthc had a nice chest, not muscular but defined, with a lot
of wiry black chest hair that got thicker as it moved down to his cute
stomach. Mark found himself strangely turned on by the old bastard.
"Good," he said. young teen pthc illeagle "I like that. Now your pants."
The teacher stood up and pulled down his pants and boxers in one swipe.
Mark saw that the man's legs were very hairy, and he gauged the man's dick
at about seven inches, give or take. It wasn't the dark pthc angel bbs
biggest he's come
across, top 50 pthc but it was sizable enough. pthc hussyfan bbs What threw Mark off though was the
teacher's foreskin. He'd never seen one of those before, in person. He
hadn't realised how monkey top 100 pthc much of a pushover the guy really was, though; school
hadn't even ended ten minutes ago and he was already naked. The halls
probably weren't even empty yet.
With that thought Mark walked over to the door and put a desk in front of
it. It wouldn't actually stop anything, since the door opened out of the
room, but at least it would buy them a second or pthc bbs gate two in case anybody should
walk in.
"You horny bastard. Can't even wait to get your hands on me, can you?
What if somebody walks in? Did you little lights pthc think of that? What if somebody walks
in in a pthc underage video minute and sees me fucking your dirty old asshole? I bet you'd like
that, wouldn't you? You'd probably get off if you knew somebody was
watching you, you sad bastard."
Mr Bartlett looked hurt, cute. Mark wanted to kiss him and punch him at
the same time. He reached out and grabbed his teacher's thick mass of black
pubic hair, yanking it to draw the older man into him. When they were face
to face Mark spoke, angrily, spitting the words out.
"I want you to get down on your knees young girls pthc right real pthc video now, and I want you to suck pthc hash my
Mr Bartlett obeyed, expertly deep throating Mark's schlong so that the
whole length of it was stuffed down his throat in seconds. Mark was
immediately satisfied, but tried to keep up his front, so he grabbed hold of
Mr Bartlett's head and forced it into him, hard, so that his own body quaked
with the impact.
He tried to think of something to say. "Good boy," was all he could come
up with, but it seemed to work just fine. It gave him youth pics pthc a strange pleasure to
act this out, to see the motherfucker on his knees.
Mark got so hot thinking about his teacher that in a few minutes he yanked
the guy's head off his cock, for fear he'd blow his load too soon.
"Lie down," Mark said. "On your back."
Mr Bartlett looked at Mark and then did as he was told.
"Now," the boy said, "I'm going to sit on your face. And you're going to
eat my asshole."
Mark had never experienced rimming firsthand before, because it seemed kind
of degrading. bbs porn pthc kds
Still, he was curious when he heard the older guys talking
about it, and his teacher seemed to get off on being degraded, so he figured
what the hell.
He knelt down over his teacher's pthc freedom bbs pthcpthc raped neck, which needed to be shaved, and
backed down so that the cheeks of his ass gently graced Mr Bartlett's lips.
The teacher responded eagerly, first licking Mark's smooth white ass and
then forcing his face deep inside, spreading the cheeks with his own cheeks.
His tongue reached out and struck gold. Mark squeaked with glee as Mr
Bartlett began to slurp on his master's anus. He blew and sucked, licked
and probed in ways Mark had never felt before. Atop his bitch, Mark felt
like a king. He began to jack himself off, young porn pthc looking at the body underneath
him: the dark chest hair that kimmy pthc
led down to the tanned stomach, which in turn
led to a great mane of pubic hair. Standing tall in the dark garden was Mr
Bartlett's seven inch obelisk, complete with foreskin. Cirously, Mark
leaned over and grabbed at it, pulled it. pthc g webcamkds bbs pthc childfuck Mr Bartlett stiffened.
"Keep eating, bitch," Mark upload ru pthc said. "Don't mind what I'm doing." Secretly pthc sex vids he
wanted to suck his preeteens pthc thumbs teacher's cock, but their roles didn't allow for russian pthc cp kds
mutual, and Mark didn't want to fuck up his grade.
"You ready to get your ass stretched, you filthy bastard?"
Mr Bartlett said something, although his voice was muffled by the ass that
was burying his face.
Without warning Mark stood up. Mr Bartlett actually wimpered.
"Shut up," Mark growled, grabbing the hairy stalks that were his teacher's
legs, swinging them up into the air. Clutching them tightly, Mark got down
on the ground, his dick leading the way. Soon after Mr Bartlett was moaning
loudly as Mark roughly plunged his dick into his teacher's asshole. Mark
put his arms under Mr Bartlett's furry armpits, to that every thrust was
like pthc 12y doing push-ups. His face was pushed close against his teacher's
unshaven chin, which had so recently ticked his ass. He wanted to bite into
the pthc forums older man's neck, but he controlled pthc maxwells
himself. He wanted to pass English,
not pop the bastard's jugular.
With every thrust the teacher moaned, and the harder Mark pushed the louder
he moaned. Finally, Mark feared somebody might hear pthc sites uncensored
them, so he
instinctively raised his head up and spit in the older man's mouth. Mr
Bartlett gasped with ecstasy, so topteen bbs pthc dorki
Mark did it again. "You sick fuck," he
muttered. mini model pthc
"You're a sick, sick fuck."
Mr Bartlett nodded. He really was a sick fuck, who liked nothing better
than having thirteen-year old boys rape him. Mark knew this, so he wasn't
gentle bd company pthc like he was with Christian or any of the girls he got into bed; he
fucked hard and deep, rocking the older man's body until they were both
completely covered in sweat.
Finally, Mark was ready to come. Mr Bartlett was ready to come too, but
Mark didn't care. He pulled out zens pthc bbs
of his teacher's ass and rammed his dick
down Mr Bartlett's throat once more. The dark, ugly smell from deep within
the teacher's asshole was pthc subscription
now deep in his mouth, and he loved it. He sucked
with even pthc image board jp more enthusiasm than he did the first time.
Mark wanted to see the action, though, so he pulled Bartlett's head off his
prick once again; just looking at the guy's eyes, sad because they couldn't
suck any more, drove Mark to kp pthc orgasm. He fired round pthc gallery illegal picture after round of hot goo
onto Mr Bartlett's face, even getting it in his eyes and hair. The cum hung
off his unshaven cheeks, and he licked what he could from his lips. The guy
was soaked.
"God," Mark said. "Look at yourself. You sad, sorry, sick son of pthc pics jpg
a bitch.
You're covered in cum and you're just begging for more. You need to be
cleaned up, that's what you need. You need to be washed down."
Mark knew what he was doing. As he talked his dick deflated somewhat
quickly, and soon he was filled with the usual post-fuck need to piss. Mr
Bartlett still lay on the floor, clumsily fumbling with his cock; Mark stood
over him, his dick still so close to the teacher's face that he could feel
the breath against his balls. He backed up a little, and let out a torrent
of piss on Mr Bartlett's face.
The bastard opened his mouth to srink in what he could; Mark didn't get it,
really, but he liked being in the position of power. He enjoyed doing pthc proibida gallery
The post-fuck piss is always a messy one, and Mark's flew in all
directions. By the time he was done he felt something hitting his back. It
was his teacher, finally blowing his own load. Mark was pounded with seven
or eight gushes of the juice. By now he wasn't daz pthc sure what to do with it, so
he lay on his stomach on the floor.
"Lick it off me," he commanded, and his teacher obeyed. He climbed atop
Mark and attempted with relish to lick the boy's back clean. When he was
done he leaned into the boy's ear and whispered, the chill pics pthc
piss still on his
breath, "Don't worry about your grade, Mark."
Mark smiled.
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